Cristiano Ronaldo Couldn’t Wait for Love Anymore, So He Became a Single Dad. And Then He Met the One Who Became the Kids’ Mom

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has been considered one of the most attractive men on the planet for most of his professional career. Millions of women dreamed of him, but the athlete himself needed something altogether different to be happy. From a young age, the footballer wanted to become a father. Not being able to wait anymore for the one who would give birth to his children, he made a conscious decision to become a single father in 2010. But that was just the beginning.

A special relationship with children

In 2022, a touching video surfaced on the Internet of a young Cristiano fan bursting through a dozen security guards ahead of a Manchester United game in Chisinau. On reaching his destination, the boy hugged the athlete with all his might. The latter responded by shooing away the security guards and taking the boy with him. He spent some time with the boy before signing an autograph as a keepsake.

Cristiano can’t ignore children who dream of meeting him. And sometimes, he looks forward to meeting them himself. This was the case with Joseph from Bristol. On learning of the boy’s illness and the fact that he is also a fan of the athlete, Ronaldo himself organized a tour of the player’s training grounds. Such kindness to children could be explained by the fact that the star is a father of many and understands how much these things mean to the youngsters. But Cristiano loved children long before he had any of his own.

The dream of becoming a dad

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In one interview, Cristiano said that, despite the crowds of fans and being constantly surrounded by the team, he was a lonely man. He compared himself to his father, who also felt lonely. Maybe that’s why the athlete dreamed of having children for years: “It was always my dream to have a child young, when I was 25. He’s changed the way I think, he’s always with me, supporting me.”

No longer being able to wait for the one he wanted to have a family with, Ronaldo decided to become a single father with the help of a surrogate mother. And once he was already expecting his baby, he met Irina Shayk. The model knew straight away — the relationship won’t be easy.

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After a 5-year relationship, Ronaldo and Shayk broke up, and the athlete was left alone with his son. Irina never became Cristiano Junior’s stepmother. Soon after, though, she got together with Bradley Cooper and gave birth to their daughter Lea.

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Cristiano got fully immersed in parenthood. His mother helped him cope with the baby. The press kept trying to find out who Ronaldo Junior’s biological mother was, but the footballer was adamant: “When Cristiano is going to grow up, I am always going to say the truth to him because he deserves it, because he is my son, but I am not going to say because people want me to say it.

The footballer was raising him as if the boy were himself. In addition to giving his first-born son his own name, it was his dream that he would also become a soccer player, of course, only if the boy wanted to. However, you must agree, it would be difficult not to catch the football bug if your father is Ronaldo, one of the best players in history.

The boy followed in his father’s footsteps, gaining, perhaps, the most expensive and desirable coach in the world — Cristiano Senior himself. He also went to award ceremonies with his father, starred in advertising campaigns, and generally lived the same life as his dad.


In 2017, Ronaldo met Gucci shop assistant Georgina Rodríguez. The footballer admitted that at the beginning of the relationship, he didn’t have high hopes for the romance. But he soon realized that he was wrong: “I felt that she was the woman of my life.” He was in a hurry to win the heart of his chosen one.

Georgina recalls how the footballer would wait in the evenings for her shift to end and try to impress her by arriving in an expensive car every time. Her colleagues, standing at the bus stop, would see them off with stunned looks on their faces. What kind of Cinderella story is this? In Rodríguez, Cristiano found everything he had been looking for all this time. She also dreamed of a large family, seeing her own happiness in raising children. And she became a mom to the footballer’s son.

At the start of their relationship, the footballer was already expecting twins from a surrogate mother. And Georgina agreed to become their mother too. In 2017, twins Eva and Mateo were born. And, five months later, Georgina herself gave birth to a daughter, Alana.

In October 2021, Cristiano and Georgina openly announced that they were expecting twins. The couple posted a touching photo with the ultrasound picture on social media. However, the parents-to-be were in for a rough ride. Things didn’t go according to plan and they left the maternity ward with only one baby. Ronaldo and his beloved one had to share their grief with everyone to set the record straight.

And an even more difficult conversation awaited them at home. They had to tell the children of the tragedy that had befallen their family and why, instead of a brother and a sister, they now only had Bella Esmeralda. The parents said that the second twin had become an angel. The soccer star later described his experience of this difficult time as follows: “I never felt to be happy and sad at the same moment. I never felt. It is hard to explain.”

Plans for the future

Whatever goal Ronaldo set for himself, he almost always achieved it. And he did so in his own trademark style. He won almost every award a footballer can win, broke an unimaginable number of records as an athlete and media personality, and finally became a father of many children and found his other half.

He was once asked how many children he wants to have. Cristiano replied, seven. That’s been his squad number his entire career. The number seven, according to the star, has brought him many bright emotions and a lot of joy. And it would be symbolic to become a father to seven children, wouldn’t it?

What famous men can you think of who have successfully played the role of a single father?

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