How Bruce Willis’ Ex-Wife and Current Wife Became Close Friends and Decided to Raise Their 5 Children Together

When Rumer Willis was a teenager, she watched her peers suffering because of their parents’ divorces. Moms and dads pitted their kids against each other, while those same kids were shaken by the fact that they had to choose sides. When Bruce Willis and Demi Moore decided to separate, they did everything possible to avoid this kind of a scenario. According to Rumer, they did great. The divorce made the ex-spouses even closer, and Bruce’s new family just made their life brighter and more colorful.

They divorced but stayed together

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were considered one of the brightest Hollywood couples. The actors got married in 1987. They were married for more than 10 years before they announced their separation. However, this couple didn’t plan to be apart forever. Since they had 3 daughters, the ex-spouses decided to remain one family and play an important part in the life of their children and each other.

According to Bruce, they even became closer after divorce. As their daughter Rumer recalls, her parents did everything possible to make sure that their kids didn’t have to choose between them.

The ex-spouses didn’t stop being a family even after each of them met new partners. When Moore married Ashton Kutcher, Bruce accepted him as a family member. They were together during family celebrations and red carpet events. So, it was quite predictable that Demi supported Bruce when he decided to share his life with model Emma Heming.

Blended family

Bruce Willis married Heming in 2009, and Emma and Demi have been showing their friendship to the world since then. In addition to that, Moore often shares the photos of herself together with her ex-husband and dedicates posts to his new spouse. She accompanies the photos from their family gatherings with captions like, “Thankful for our blended family.”

Emma says that she’s sincerely thankful to Demi for her support. On Demi’s birthday, Emma congratulated her online by calling her the most powerful and strongest woman who she truly loves and saying that she’s happy to call her family. Of course, the ladies celebrate their birthdays together.

So, how have these 2 women managed to become so close? First, thanks to their children. Emma’s become a big part of daughters’ lives, while Demi regularly spends time with Heming’s daughters. So, they’ve had no other choice but to come to terms with each other. “We are mothers united, sisters bonded on this crazy adventure of life.”

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The two women also found common ground at work. When Demi Moore had her memoir Inside Out published, Heming promoted it on social media. She also supported Demi when the actress launched her line of swimsuits by modeling some of them herself. At the same time, Moore often promotes Emma’s business online.

The tragedy that brought them even closer

They say tragedy can bring us together. But what happens to people who have been close already? They become even closer, of course. This is what happened to this blended Willis-Moore family when Bruce was diagnosed with aphasia, a disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate.

Bruce’s 5 daughters, Demi, and Emma posted a joint letter where they thanked fans for their compassion and support and announced Bruce was stepping back from his 42-year career. They also said that they plan to live through these hard times as one strong family who are always there for each other. “As Bruce always says, ’Live it up,’ and together we plan to do just that.”

How can you describe your relationship with your partner’s ex?

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