Singer Grimes Is Raising Her Son and Daughter in Her Own Way, and She Thinks That Any Parent Has the Right to Take Their Kids to Work

Grimes —born Claire Elise Boucher— is famous for her vivid performances and unexpected mix of music genres. Many people have a hard time imagining the unusual singer as a mother, but Grimes is raising 2 kids, and she’s quite good at combining motherhood and work.

Having a son changed the singer.

In 2020, Grimes and Elon Musk had their first son. Grimes said that this event changed her a lot. The first pregnancy wasn’t easy for her. By the 8th month, she could barely move and her legs were about to give in. At some point, Grimes was seriously worried about her life, but the birth went well, and X Æ A-12 was born.

After the singer became a mother, she had a sincere respect for women, and she felt a renewed taste for life and an even deeper creative potential. As a result, she enjoys motherhood even more than she expected, even though she doesn’t like the word itself. But when her son got ill for the first time, she was extremely worried and felt all the parents’ fears.

Their daughter was born with the help of a surrogate mother.

After the first painful experience with pregnancy, Grimes was scared of getting pregnant again. Then, Elon, who was worried about his wife’s health too suggested surrogacy. In December 2021, they had Exa Dark Sideræl. The singer wanted to name the girl Odysseus Musk, but Elon insisted on the name Exa.

Grimes and Elon want more kids.

Grimes and Elon originally wanted to have 3 or 4 children, and maybe they will. They probably enjoyed the experience of surrogacy, so they might have another go.

Grimes is sure that babies have a certain taste.

The singer is sure that from a very early age, children have developed their own taste for things and have the right to their opinions. They like some things and don’t like others. Grimes even said that her little son helped her record her new album. She’d turn on new arrangements and look for the perfect sound based on his reactions.

She also likes watching movies with her son, even films that are meant for kids. He’s also into radical art. She thinks that art is great to engage with kids.

If she wants to show the kids the practical side of life, she might send them to her grandfather.

Grimes says that many of her friends don’t want to have children because they are worried about the kids’ careers. And some people consider the world a very unfriendly place for children. But she is sure that she can overcome these difficulties. Besides, she can always send her kids to her grandfather. This tough guy still lives in a cabin in the woods and knows a thing or two about surviving.

The couple doesn’t impose any gender roles on their kids.

Grimes is planning to raise her son and daughter in a gender-neutral environment. She doesn’t want to force the kids to do anything or make them follow specific models since, in the future, they might feel uncomfortable because of that. One of the advantages of this method is that kids grow up without stereotypes, limiting men and women.

She’s not going to take her kids to parties.

Even though Grimes doesn’t think it’s bad when her kids go to bed late, and she lets them listen to different types of music, she’s not planning to take them to parties. She thinks that kids should have such types of entertainment in their lives, just not together with their parents.

Grimes is planning to raise her son and daughter differently.

Musk started to raise his son as the future boss of the industry. And even though Grimes didn’t like this approach at first, she came to terms with it later. But she has a very different approach to her daughter, and she’s not going to show her to the public.

She’s not sure the girl will like her name when she grows up. Well, Grimes herself was tired of her own name Claire. And if Exa decides to change her name, the singer will help her with the choice. She has lots of suggestions.

Grimes doesn’t think women should give up their careers because of kids.

Grimes believes that society is very unfair toward working moms. Nobody expects a man to give up his career or at least change his working schedule when he has a child. But women are expected to stay at home raising kids. She wants her children to grow up seeing their mom doing what she loves. She wants them to know that both parents’ jobs are important.

She thinks there should be special room for kids in offices.

Elon Musk often takes his son to work with him. As Grimes says, he sees his own protégé in his son. But when he took his son to a meeting, people had very mixed feelings about it. The kid was running around the corridors and even entered the conference room where his father was having a conversation about the future of the company.

Grimes decided to defend her partner. The singer is convinced that parents should take their kids to work to see what office life looks like. Kids learn things very quickly and looking at cute baby faces makes adults feel good. She thinks that in the modern world, parents are too protective of their children, keeping them at home.

This is bad for both kids and parents. This is why there should be special areas for kids where they have a chance to learn more about the office world, and parents wouldn’t have to spend so much money on babysitters and childcare.

Which of Grimes’ parenting ideas do you like?

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