Why Water Treatments Are Useful and What Secrets We Should Know Before Doing Them

We often hear the phrase “Water is life!” and it’s hard to argue with it. Water is the key element of our world, and life would be impossible without it. So it’s interesting that certain water treatments can be very good for our health. We found out which of them you should try and practice to feel good. All the information in this article is solely for informative purposes. We strongly recommend consulting your doctor before taking any actions on your own or trying these various types of procedures.

Cold water does more than just wake you up.

People have been doing water treatments since ancient times in countries like India, Egypt, and China. Scientists found out that cold temperatures help reduce swelling. Regular cold water exposure can decrease tension and fatigue and improve our performance.

Cold water treatments can relieve pain in people suffering from rheumatism and improve general well-being in swimmers. Cold showers are also great for fighting stress, and they can work as antidepressants.

Hot water treatments and salty water are also good.

There are also good hot water treatments. For example, low-temperature sauna bathing improves cardiac functions. A bath at 96-101°F before bed makes falling asleep easier. Doctors recommend applying a cold compress to the forehead to feel relaxed.

Aside from the water temperature, its contents can affect our bodies differently. Water with minerals and salt can improve our general well-being and mood. Studies show that immersion in the Dead Sea water produced a significant reduction in blood glucose in type-2 diabetes.

You need to know how to do contrast showers correctly.

Experts say that contrast showers are very good for us. They help relieve muscle pain after exercising. Switching between hot and cold water improves blood flow and the lymphatic system. This is how it should be done:

  • take a very hot shower for five minutes, allowing the water to run down your back;
  • follow with cold water for 30 seconds;
  • repeat 2 times;
  • lie in bed for 30 minutes.

Experts also recommend using dry brushes to massage your skin and improve microcirculation.

Foot baths are necessary not only for washing.

Foot baths can improve your well-being, relieve foot pains, and make you sleep better. Adding salt has a pain-relieving effect, and a spoonful of mustard or ginger powder increases vasodilation. Experts recommend using only hot and warm water and then washing legs in cold water and drying them with a blanket. Make sure the room you’re in is warm.

Don’t neglect water exercises.

Water exercises are great for people that feel joint pain when they exercise. The strain on the joints is not as hard in the water, so these exercises are amazing for the musculoskeletal system.

Studies show that aqua running for 6 weeks has a positive effect on life quality and helps reduce weight, even in people that don’t follow any special diets.

What water treatments would you like to try?

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