12 Celebrities That Bust the Myth of Evil Stepfathers and Stepmothers

According to statistics, there has never been as many divorces in the world as there are today. This means that soon, there will be even more children raised not only by their parents but also by the new partners of their parents. For example, scientists from the Netherlands found out that every 5th adult person in the country grew up with a stepfather or a stepmother. Given the growing number of divorces now, we guess this number will only keep growing.

However, many famous families prove that having one more parent in a child’s family may actually be a good thing. We at CHEERY found these celebrities that bust the myths of evil stepmothers and stepfathers.

Matt Damon

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When Matt Damon met his future wife, Luciana, she already had a 4-year-old daughter. Matt quickly learned how to be a father. He says that since then, his heart has been full all the time. After he and Luciana got married, they had 3 more children together.

Gisele Bündchen

In fairy tales, stepmothers are often described as evil and jealous, but life proves it’s not always like that. For example, supermodel Gisele Bündchen is raising a stepson together with her 2 children. When she started dating athlete Tom Brady, she found out that his ex-partner was pregnant.

Later, Gisele said she was lucky because she had a chance to see Tom as a father in advance. Today, she can’t imagine her life without her stepson, calling him a bonus child.

Megan Fox

For more than 10 years, Megan Fox was in a relationship with actor Brian Austin Green. When they met, he had a son from his first marriage. Fox was happy to spend time with the child. She says the boy didn’t even remember the time before she became part of the family. Later, the couple had 3 more sons.

Jason Momoa

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Actress Zoë Kravitz was born and grew up in a famous family. Her mother is actress Lisa Bonet, and her father is musician Lenny Kravitz. Her stepfather is Jason Momoa. He got married to Bonet when the girl was 7 years old. Even though Momoa broke up with his wife, he still communicates and supports his stepdaughter.

For example, Jason and his 2 children attended the premiere of Batman. He says he loves his stepdaughter, and no matter what happens in his life, family is everything.

Kurt Russell

Actress Kate Hudson knows how to ski, ride a horse, and ride a bike not thanks to her biological dad, musician Billy Hudson, but her stepfather, Kurt Russell. She sees him as her real dad, talks about him in interviews, and writes posts about him on her Instagram page. Hudson says that Russell is an excellent father that took responsibility for their family.

By the way, Kate’s children also have a stepfather: when she got into a relationship with musician Danny Fujikawa, she already had 2 children.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Very often, after parents divorce, children are not okay with their parents’ new partners. But it was different for Cameron Douglas. His parents, Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker, got divorced in 1995. Later, his father had a relationship with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Cameron was happy, saying he’d never seen his dad be that happy before. Besides, Catherine managed to make friends with him and helped him as he was growing up.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria married a father of 3 children, José Antonio Bastón. The actress loved being a mother so much that she decided to have her own child after the age of 40. She says that being a stepmom is a lot of fun.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton can’t imagine his life with the 3 children of Gwen Stefani. The singer had them in a marriage with Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale. Shelton himself grew up in a family with a stepfather, so he wasn’t scared of the responsibility. The singer proudly talks about his stepfather, who was always a superhero for him, so he tries to be the same for his stepchildren.

Antonio Banderas

Dakota Johnson has a very warm relationship with her stepfather, Antonio Banderas. The man appeared in her life when she was just 5 years old, so he calls her his daughter.

Even after her mother broke up with Banderas, Dakota still communicates with him. For example, she accompanied him on the red carpet on the premiere of Dolor y gloria. In an interview, Antonio said he was touched that he still remains important to his daughter.

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth says that she still felt she was a child when she became a stepmom at the age of 28. The actress met director Michael Polish in 2011, and 2 years later, they got married. Kate says that her stepdaughter Jasper is “hands-down the greatest unexpected gift of her life.”

The actress is sure that becoming a stepmother for this girl was the best decision she’s ever made. As an only child herself, she felt that she and Jasper quickly formed a special connection. They now share a very trusting relationship.

Tori Spelling

Actors Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have 5 kids together, but Dean also has a son, Jack, from his previous marriage. Spelling remembers that she appeared in the boy’s life at a very tough time. It was difficult for him when his parents were getting divorced. But Tori managed to establish a great relationship with her stepson.

Together, they did homework, played video games, and played with their dogs. The actress says their relationship became a little strained at some points, particularly when Jack was going through puberty. But later, they became even closer.

Barbra Streisand

When Barbra Streisand met her second husband, actor James Brolin, both of them had kids from previous marriages. Streisand managed to find common ground with the actor’s kids. On her Instagram page, you can find photos of her with his kids. In one particular post, she affectionately calls Josh Brolin (also an actor) her youngest son.

How, do you think, these families managed to build such good relationships between adults and children?

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