20+ Proud Parents Shared How Their Children Made Them Cry with Joy

When we observe a child, it is possible to see innocence, naivety, and curiosity peeping out of their little eyes. Our little ones are able to bring smiles in the most difficult moments, soften the coldest hearts, and amaze the most distant people. Even if they are “just children,” these little people can be the most incredible and wonderful beings, with the most beautiful and funny perspective.

  • My little boy was almost 5 years old and we were together with another child in a waiting room. A gentleman approached and asked them:
    — “Which Mommy is cuter?”
    The other boy obviously answered his own, and my son looked him in the eye and said to him:
    -“I think all mothers are equally beautiful.”
    The gentleman smiled silently and I felt very proud of my son. © Rodríguez Kathy / Facebook
  • Some time ago, when my oldest daughter was 4 years old, we were watching Aladdin, and out of curiosity, I asked her what wishes she would ask for if she had a magic lamp, thinking she was going to ask for things her age, like dresses, toys, etc. Her answer was:
    1. That her sister could walk like her.
    2. That her sister could talk.
    3. That her sister could do everything she did.
    It should be noted that tears came to my eyes, as my second daughter is mentally disabled. Little by little and over the years, my daughter’s wishes have been fulfilled, with effort, love, and dedication. © Yomi García / Facebook
  • My son was 3 years old when my parents took him to a store where they sold things for the beach. There were obviously floats there and he wanted one. My mom told him that they didn’t have any for boys (they only had pink), to which he replied that it was only a color and that girls and boys could wear whatever color they wanted... I was pleased to know that what I tell him doesn’t go in one ear and out the other. © Roxana Contreras / Facebook
  • When my daughter was 6 years old, there was an economic crisis that caused many people to lose their homes. My daughter didn’t like cafeteria food, so she always took her own lunch. She started asking me for more and I was surprised because I knew she was the only one who had lunch, so I didn’t think she shared it with the others. One day, when I took her to school, I waited for a moment and watched her little friend arrive. They both ran to her car and delivered the lunch. It turned out that her friend and her family had lost their house and were living in their car. My daughter was carrying lunch for the younger children and didn’t tell me so as not to embarrass her friend. © Aracely Estrada/ Facebook
  • My daughter, when she was 5 years old, started to lose her teeth. We were in a supermarket and I was paying at the cash register when my daughter told me that she had lost another tooth. In the line there was an older man, who said to her:
    -“Hahaha, your teeth are falling out, you’re going to be like me, with no teeth.”
    To which she replied:
    -“Yes, but I’ll get new ones, you won’t.” © Alba Lucy Priori / Facebook
  • My son and I have a mini taco stand, and he helps me to cashier and wait tables. The truth is, it’s very tiring and we don’t earn much. One day a lady came in with 2 children, a boy and a girl. She bought 2 tacos for each of them and didn’t ask for anything to drink. The children asked for more and the lady just paid. My son said to me:
    -“Give them a cake and water and I will pay for them.” © Ericka Godinez / Facebook
  • I was surprised that at the age of 3 and a half years old, a person saw my daughter and after a while said to her:
    -“You are already too big.”
    My daughter replied:
    -“Duh, time goes by and I have to grow up.”
    Besides, she likes to dress in pants, she doesn’t like dresses or dolls, so when one day her grandmother told her that they had to buy her girl’s clothes and toys, she answered:
    -“Clothes and toys have no gender, grandma...” © Kari Ocampo / Facebook
  • I have a 9-year-old boy who has always liked to save what his aunts, uncles, and grandparents give him. One day he said to me:
    -“Mom, if something to eat or something for home is missing, just tell me, I will give you the money to buy whatever is needed.”
    That day I realized what a great man I am raising. © Camila Chavez / Facebook
  • When my son was in elementary school, at recess, they would give them non-disposable plastic cups and plates and the kids would leave the plates everywhere, but if they collected them and took them to the co-op, they would exchange them for $1 worth of food. My son would collect plates for the equivalent of a meal and water and give them to a child who didn’t have enough to eat. I am very proud of him, he has a big heart and always helps others when he can. © Choysita Feliz DE LA Vida / Facebook
  • A while ago, when my son was 6 years old, he saw a woman sitting with a baby in her arms, begging, outside a bank where I went to do some paperwork. At that point he said to me:
    -“Mom, poor lady, she will be hungry, can you please buy her the lunch you were going to buy me at the restaurant?”
    My eyes really filled with tears and I told him:
    -“Son, you don’t have to stop eating to give it to the lady.”
    You should have seen my little boy’s happy face when he handed the food to the lady. © Lurica Jackeline Reyna Montañez / Facebook
  • A funny thing happened to my little girl: it was about to be Epiphany (Old Christmas), and she started to write her letter. Around that time, my cell phone broke, and I used it for all kinds of emergencies, especially when my dad got sick. Her letter made me cry, it said:
    “Dear Three Wise Men, I have been good. I just want a doll and a cell phone, but that one is for my mom because her phone broke and she needs it very much. Thank you.” © Liz Martínez / Facebook
  • I have a daughter who is actually my stepdaughter. At that time, she was 6 years old and I was pregnant. I sent her to some relatives’ house and they said to her:
    -“Now that your stepmother is going to have a baby, she is not going to love you the same way as the baby. The baby took your job.”
    She replied:
    -“Well, first of all, my brother is not coming to take my place, because my mom loves us equally, and besides, I already know how to bathe, eat, comb my hair, and everything else, on the other hand, my brother doesn’t know any of that, and that’s why my mom and dad are going to be more attentive to him. My mom loves me as much as she loves my brother.” © Flor Maria ʚïɞ Rubiano / Facebook
  • My son was about 6 years old. For his birthday, I told him he could celebrate it at Burger King, where there was also a playground with slides. When we went to buy invitations for his classmates, he wanted them all to go, and I told him that there were too many and it would be too expensive, that we would only invite those who were his closest friends.
    Very seriously, he told me that he felt sorry for those who would be left without invitations. He asked me not to buy him any gifts and with that money, he would have enough for everyone to be invited. I was thrilled. Of course, I made an effort and invited everyone, and I also bought him his gifts. © Isabel Romero Cazorla / Facebook
  • I took my then 3 year old daughter to a playground. A few minutes later a little 2 year old boy ran towards me saying: “Daddy! Daddy!” and he gave me a hug. My daughter grabbed his hand and told him angrily: “Look for your own dad. This is mine.” © Péter Tamas / Quora
  • My seven-year-old handed me a Mother’s Day card that said “Best Mum in the Universe”, and then he earnestly said: “I only gave it to you because it’s true!” © KaisaTheLibrarian / Reddit
  • Back when my lunatic was still a toddler, I had a solid bout of bacterial pneumonia; I was damned good and sick. I was curled up on the couch in a ball of yuck, and in he trundled, dragging one of his blankets behind him. He pulled it over me, gave me the gentlest kiss on the cheek, and said, “Daddy, did you know that you are a very good man?” © handshape / Reddit
  • We do not celebrate Christmas, but I put up a tree and did all the Santa Claus stuff, because my kids were so excited. Christmas morning. My 6 year old son saw the gifts and realized what nothing under the tree for me. He asked, “Didn’t Santa bring a gift for Mom?” I teased, “Maybe Mom wasn’t so good this year!” He shook his head and replied soberly, “No, you were the best Mom. It’s okay, we can share my gift.” He got a pencil, wrote ‘mom’ next to his own name on the gift and we ended up opening his gift together! It was incredibly sweet and I was very touched. © Padma Rangarajan / Quora

What are the most incredible things you have heard your children say? How did you feel when you heard them?

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