14 Things That Drive Us Crazy in the Modern World

Just recently, messengers, video calls, and even Wi-Fi seemed like something extraordinary. But these days, you won’t surprise anyone with a voice assistant, a robot vacuum, or a smart TV. However, thanks to them, funny things can happen to us every day since it takes time to get used to such technological innovations. We know firsthand how difficult it can sometimes be to get used to something as simple as a new phone, let alone a search engine in a TV set that sends you mysterious messages. So we decided to show you a few unusual stories left by Internet users about the modern world.

“My kids won’t go outside, so I took the Wi-Fi for a walk.”

Family relationships can be a real challenge sometimes.

“This is how I reheat my food during a blackout.”

This perfect Microsoft flying simulator setup

When you’re tired of trying to prove that you’re not a robot

Strange technological novelties have practical rationale sometimes.

E-mail marketing has its disadvantages too.

Almost any problem has an unexpected and efficient solution.

“I’m never wearing glasses on a Zoom meeting again.”

Technology can be really helpful sometimes.

But old methods can be helpful too.

“How adults take unknown calls”

Scary movie in real life

Voice assistant set a trap

What was the last technological novelty that took you the longest to get used to? Tell us in the comments below.

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