15+ Kids That Turned Simple Homework Into Art

Even though doing homework is necessary, it can be quite boring. Some children get around this by doing amazing things with their work. It gives their parents a good laugh, and then they share the results online.

We at CHEERY love the things these little rebels do, so here is a chance to enjoy their creativity. We think they each deserve an A+.

“My kindergartener was feeling proud of this solution to her homework.”

"My sister’s history homework: “What did medieval nobles eat?”

“My child’s answer to her math homework.”

“4 + 2 = Sonic the Hedgehog? From my 5-years-old nephew’s homework.”

“I think we need to get him some easier homework.”

«My cousin’s math homework. Bamm!»

“My 8-year-old brother’s answer to a question on his homework.”

“Honesty in my son’s homework.”

“That one time when my son’s homework asked him about his sister.”

“I told my student today to write a story because she didn’t have homework, and she was writing for a while, so I said it must be pretty detailed, and then she showed me this.”

“My 10-year-old daughter inherited my humor.”

“My nephew’s homework, please read number 3.”

“My little sister’s homework assignment. At least she’s honest.”

“My (German) fiancé sent me his sister’s homework while I’m in England.”

“7-year-old knows the correct answer.”

“My 8-year-old son takes his homework directions literally.”

“Every Friday night, my friend watches Dr. Who with his 7-year-old daughter. This is her latest homework assignment.”

«Checking homework for brother when...»

“My mum is a teacher for a second grade class and sent me this today. I admire the confidence.”

What funny things do your children include in their homework?

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