15+ Сouples Who Prove that There is No Age in Love

No matter how hard some people try to condemn relationships with a large age gap, love knows no boundaries and sometimes unites two very different generations. It’s so wonderful that these people are not afraid to talk about their happiness and post touching photos of themselves together online.

Here at CHEERY, we want you to find your own happiness, even if it doesn’t fit the rest of the world’s standards. Here, we present you with couples who have already succeeded in finding theirs.

“31F & 48M... He makes my heart happy”

“Just celebrated our anniversary. I am 30, and he is 45”

“Finally got around to making our wedding album. 30+ age difference”

“Celebrating our 1 year anniversary. I am 42 and she is 23”

“Neither of us like photos, but I adore him. I’m 21, he’s 35”

“I (41) would call him (26) the man of my dreams, but the truth is I never could have dreamed of such an exceptional person. I am truly fortunate and honored to be his wife”

“We had a baby! 51-year-old man, 28 year-old me, and little Livvie (4 months)”

“At last! After 14 years together, we (I am 44 & he is 60) finally took our vows. We had an amazing day, with close family & friends”

«35F and 61M. I adore him»

“We’ve been married for a year now and just had our first baby. He is 54 and I am 28”

«My love (41) and me (24). I really like this picture of us»

«Me (28), my husband (46) and my maternity photo shoot»

“I am 28 and my girlfriend is 42. Absolutely love this woman! So lucky!”

«I am 31, and I married my best friend (53)»

«Me (30) and the love of my life (47) together 2 years, he makes me the happiest I’ve ever been»

«She is 52 & and I’m 32. Absolutely in love»

«6 years together and counting. 67F & 32F»

“I’m 45 and he is 25. I’m actually in love. 4 years strong now. He’s my soulmate”

«I’m 23, he is 52. I’m gonna marry him someday!»

What about you? What’s your opinion about relationships with a large age gap?

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