16 People Who Decided to Make Changes to Their Appearance, but Are Not Sure If They Like the Result

The number of people that have decided to make cosmetic appearance changes in the past 5 years has been growing. According to statistics, the US holds the record for the number of cosmetic surgeries in 2020, with more than 4.5 million clients that year alone. Of course, not everyone decides to have a cosmetic procedure. Many people worry that something might go wrong, and they will not like the result.

We at CHEERY have found people online that were not satisfied with their plastic surgery experience.

“Are my fillers botched? Should I have them dissolved?”

“First time Botox, crows feet/eyelid looks worse. What happened? Panicking.”

“Feeling hideous 2 months post-op rhinoplasty. Anyone else look this awful post-op?”

“I am so worried and have deep regrets about my surgery.”

“Should I chalk this result of chin filler up to swelling? I like how it looks from the front mostly but feel like it makes my profile more upturned and looking like Handsome Squidward.”

“Rhinoplasty looks worse after 1 year post-op.”

“Help! I just got my lip fillers today, and I am scared that it is swelling like this. Is this normal and will subside eventually? Or I have botched lips?”

“Had maxillofacial surgery. 3 months post-op and my face is still badly disfigured. Badly regretting it right now”

“First time getting Botox... 4 days out and the hood above the eyelid seems sunken/lower than usual. Is this going to get worse?”

“Day 6 post 1 syringe of juvéderm. Is this normal? My top lip seriously looks like duck lips.”

“My nose looks different (worse) one month after septoplasty. Talked to my doctor, and he said it could happen. What should I do?”

“Lip flip results — I don’t see them.”

“Asian rhinoplasty, my nose so swollen still, opinion please, I’m a bit worried about high nose and the bridge being so high cause the crease at the radix. Anyone else has this problem?”

“Lip fillers done 3.5 hours ago, and I’m worried if this big bruise/swelling indicates vascular occlusion? Bluish bruising began during the procedure itself, and this is what it looks like now. Still a little numb but no pain in the injection site.”

“1 week post 1ml hyaluronic acid lip filler (first time). Is this normal?”

“3 weeks post-op rhinoplasty and lip lift combo (feeling rough)”

  • I got a rhinoplasty and lip lift on May 9th. The tape is off, but I’m still taping at night and maintaining a somewhat healthy diet without coffee to help with healing. In general, I like the direction everything is going, and I know it’s so early, but I’m annoyed by the bunny-looking lip incompetence. Has anyone had these 2 procedures in combination before? © respectable_lady / Reddit

What are your feelings about plastic surgery? Have you ever had any, and did you like the result?

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