17 Luckiest People Who Were Kissed by Fortune Right in Public

Fortune probably smiles at us a little more often than we realize. We don’t always notice the little joys life throws at us at every turn. But this is definitely not true for the heroes of our article, who noticed these little gifts from life and hurried to share them with the whole internet.

We at CHEERY were so happy for these users who had their luckiest day and shared photos as proof.

“This is probably the best finding I’ve ever done. Everything works and I can reset it. Total value is around $ 3,000.”

“I called the police to let them know. The police came and checked out the computers and phones and said everything looked fine and I could keep them.”

Snorkeller found a lost wedding ring wrapped around a fish off of Norfolk Island.

“My sister found this tiny egg inside her hard-boiled egg.”

“I’m glad I didn’t decide to sit in my car this morning and defrost it.”

“A hummingbird made her nest on my patio. Her eggs hatched on Mother’s Day.”

“My economy seat had bonus leg room.”

“I found a set of earrings marked as 18 karat gold and a friend who is a jeweler tested the stones and said they’re white sapphires.”

“This tree was visited by black, grey, and white squirrels at the same time.”

“Reigning ’Found Money Contest’ Champ.”

“A hailstone crashed into the sunroof of this car but the shattered tempered glass was kept in place by the laminate.”

“My pizza looked just as good as the picture on the box.”

Rigatoni is really the best photo model.

“The person who lived in my apartment before me planted pineapples.”

“There was a billiard ball inside of my bocce ball.”

“I met an armadillo that’s not afraid of people.”

“I came across a dual-colored tulip today.”

“This is the third time I’ve found money while walking the dog. This is the biggest amount though $100.”

Have you ever had a lucky day in your life? Tell us about it.

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