17 People Shared Times When Strangers Saved Them From Dangerous Situations

There are times when our well-being, safety, or even our lives depend on other people. It’s not surprising to see friends or family members lending a hand in these cases. But when strangers come to the rescue, it deserves special attention, as few can foresee events unfolding this way. And sometimes such actions, like in the bonus story at the end, have a stunning outcome.

  • My son was a week old, and had to go to the doctor. I locked my keys, phone, and son in the car. This incredibly wonderful older couple calmed me down, called CAA, parked beside my car and sat with me until the tow truck came and unlocked the car. The tow driver refused payment. I will never forget those three people. © alwaysiam***d / Reddit
  • I was driving the NYS thruway when I was 16. At a rest stop, a trucker noticed a man doing something to 1 of my tires. I left the rest stop apparently being followed by the tire guy. Next thing I know, my car is surrounded by big trucks. When my tire did go flat, they all pulled over with me. Friendly 50ish driver came over, told me what happened, and his buddy changed my tire for me. I’ll never forget them. © TSBsLTR / Twitter
  • Clocked a guy following me in the mall for a while. Picked the busiest store to duck into — the Apple store. The greeter said “Hello,” I told her, “A man is following me,” and she said loudly, “Sure they’re over here, follow me.” As soon as he saw me with her, he got angry and stormed off. © AmandaNicoleNYC / Twitter
  • When I was like 7 years old or something I was playing around in a collapsible stroller and rolling around the street in it when it collapsed on me. I was crushing myself with my own body weight, but I literally could not breathe, when out of nowhere some guy just nonchalantly walks over and lifts me out of it and walks away without saying a word. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • At CVS I noticed a man leering at me. When I checked out I noticed him near the exit. I told the cashier my concern and he said he’d walk me out. We go outside and the “stalker” was standing next to a windowless white box van with the driver door open. The cashier watched as I backed out of my space and then stood in the middle of the exit lane so I could leave while he blocked the “stalker” from following me. © DarnellGregori2 / Twitter

«My friend’s car got broken into yesterday. This note was left on the windshield!»

  • A good samaritan pulled me out of my car, waited for the ambulance to arrive, then disappeared. I will never know who saved my life, but rarely a day goes by that I don’t think about them. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I was in college and went to a football team party. It was recruiting season. One of the players took me outside and said, “This ain’t for you. I told them you’re my cousin, so they won’t bother you. Imma walk you to your apt. Flash the lite 3xs so I know ur in safely.” © LionNole / Twitter
  • I was a bike messenger here in my city when I got in an accident with a minivan. Woke up to Darth Maul and a couple Storm Troopers. I faded back to unconsciousness. Later learned that the accident occurred right around the corner from the venue where DragonCon was being held. Darth and friends called 911 and kept me still/company until the paramedics arrived. © thisafternoon / Reddit
icenando /
  • I was on a 1st date and went to the bathroom. When I came back a lady came up to me and said “I accidentally dropped a personal item in The Loo,” as she motioned for me to come with her. She was an off-duty EMT and saw my date drop something in my drink. Cops went to him as we left out back. © Justice314Lady / Twitter
  • As a kid I liked to lay at the edge of the water and let it go over me. One day I was laying there, and a big wave went over me and pulled me into the water (sea) and I couldn’t swim very well at the time. While I was semi-drowning this man jumped into the water and grabbed me, he brought me back to the shore. My parents weren’t paying attention so because of this guy I am still alive. © Laurens1408 / Reddit
  • On a bus years ago, several seats available: a man sits next to me, asks me out. I say no. He pushes. Says he wants to be friends, that I’m being rude by ignoring him, that he wants to talk in private, so he’ll get off at my stop. Another man moves to sit opposite us and starts saying exactly the same things to the creep. He just wants to be friends with him, why’s he ignoring him, etc. Creep shuts up. And doesn’t follow me. © tcgannon / Twitter

“The older man was paused at the top of an escalator and a few people started gathering waiting to get on. It was clear he was feeling unsure, and this young man offered the simplest kindness: an out-reached arm and a ’Can I help you on, sir?’ ”

  • I was in England on an exchange program and did not know anyone that well. I took a sip from a glass at the party and blacked out completely. I woke up the next day in the apartment of a group of girls who watched over me the whole night to make sure I was okay. © jerica_peters / Twitter
  • I broke my leg really bad skateboarding at a local mall. While waiting on the ambulance, some girl held my hand the whole time. I have no idea who she was but she really meant a lot to me. © bradido / Reddit
  • Was at a restaurant alone yesterday when the waiter said, «Hey, check out this text from my sister!» He showed me his phone and it said, «Do not, under any circumstances, get into a conversation with the guy sitting on your right.» Men, if you are in a position to do this, DO THIS. © guttersniper / Twitter
  • When I was studying in Japan, I went to a concert in another city. I was followed by this guy who wouldn’t leave me alone so I beelined into a ramen shop in tears. Bunch of big dudes — salary men, guys with tattooed, and oji-sans took one look at me, gave me some water, offered to walk me back to my hotel, and let me sit there with the ramen shop’s cat while two of the guys went to “make sure it’s okay.” © MsSaiFox / Twitter
  • I started going to concerts by myself when I was 12/13 and the amount of times I had a random woman in her 20’s walk up and act like we’re best friends only to have her say 5 min later “I watched this older guy follow you around the venue and wanted to make sure you were safe.” © redbootroxy / Twitter

Bonus story: sometimes a stranger’s good deed is just the beginning of an amazing journey

  • NJ circa 1997. A girl grabs me and says «Pretend we’re together, some guy won’t leave me alone.» I say loudly, «I’m not missing the Giants tomorrow to waste another Sunday eating your mother’s vapid food.» She ‘argues’ right back. We have 3 daughters now. © colonelbrights1 / Twitter

Has someone you’ve never seen before ever helped you out? Have you ever had to rescue a stranger?

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