18 Brides and Grooms That Wore Traditional Clothes for Their Weddings and Made This Day Special

The wedding is an important event in any couple’s life. The future spouses want to spend this day in a special way. The people from today’s compilation decided to highlight their traditions and chose to wear national clothes and costumes for the ceremony.

We at CHEERY decided to find out what the wedding clothes of grooms and brides of different nations look like.

“My husband and I just before our wedding. Can’t believe it’s already been 10 years! I’m German-Canadian and he’s from Shanghai.”

“My wife always wanted traditional wedding photos from her home country, Taiwan, so we finally got them.”

“This is traditional Thai wedding attire.”

“When we got married, we wanted to incorporate traditions from cultures into the ceremony. Choose stefana (wedding crowns) from my husband’s Greek side.”

“The event was done according to the custom and tradition of the Ibibio ethnic group of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, West Africa.”

“Just wanted to share some of my traditional Igbo-ogoni pre-wedding photos.”

“My traditional Kinnauri bridal attire.”

“My brother’s Sinhalese traditional wedding.”

“Our traditional Vietnamese wedding: 5 years, still counting.”

“We got married and had a Scottish wedding in an English castle, with some fun in the photoshoot.”

“I took this picture of a traditional Japanese wedding couple on my trip to Japan.”

“Traditional wedding of a British-Ghanaian couple in London.”

“All Nigerian weddings are interesting to watch, but this is specifically edo with a sprinkle of Yoruba to narrow your search.”

“My Hindu Wedding Henna. Six hours of work on hands, arms, feet but well worth it. Free-drawn.”

“Traditional Greek wedding on the little island of Sifnos.”

“My favorite picture of the year is of my daughter and son-in-law dancing at their Bengali wedding with Indian elements.”

“Me and my husband in our traditional Norwegian bunads.”

“Our Korean wedding was beautiful and amazing.”

Would you wear a traditional costume for your wedding day?

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