18 People That Just Wanted to Rest but Life Decided It Wouldn’t Go That Way

Every person wants to return from a vacation only with positive emotions. But luck has a twisted sense of humor, and sometimes, it surprises people so much that it’s hard to even believe it.

The CHEERY team wants you to have only the vacation stories that make you smile. And for now, you can take a look at people who weren’t so lucky.

“I just spilled a full cup of orange juice all over myself on the last day of vacation. I didn’t bring an extra pair of pants.”

«My wife made sure I was protected from sunburn. Did she do a good job?»

“90 degrees and 90% humidity in a town we are visiting. And the vacation rental has no AC. Crayons melted in the shade.”

“First day of holiday.”

“First night of vacation and we go to pull out the sofa bed for the kids, hear a loud crunching sound... Son’s iPhone fell between the cushions and get caught in the hinges of the bed frame...”

«First day at holiday and our half of the hotel hasn’t had power. Guess who might be going home early?»

“Drove 4 hours to see an active volcano today, while on vacation.”

“Going on a 4-day holiday and I forgot all my shirts with no clothing store for miles.”

“Vacation with the family. Did not expect this.”

“Going on a 2-week holiday and just realized my headphones aren’t in the case.”

“This happened with just 15 minutes in the sun.”

“While on holiday, someone hit my car and left a fake number.”

“My mom went to Colombia and found this in her hotel room.”

“Wind knocked a tree down whilst I was driving 50mph, in the middle of nowhere. Great first day of my holiday!”

“Booked a cheap hotel with a friend. The pictures on the booking website never showed the toilet and the bed in the same picture.”

“Designer sunburn... I didn’t realize henna had an SPF until this happened.”

“Paid extra for a ‘tower’ room at our hotel and were told we’d get a nice view of the river.”

“Stubborn husband said he didn’t need my help putting sunscreen on his back.”

What problems did you have when you went on vacation?

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