18 Times Reality Managed to Exceed Expectations

When buying something online or ordering a meal, we often face disappointment. So when reality exceeds our expectations, it’s only natural to want to brag and tell others about our good fortune. And we can only be happy for these lucky people.

«What I asked for vs. what I got.»

«That dress was $13, so I didn’t expect much, but it’s really good. And it doesn’t get easily wrinkled, so I’m very happy with it.»

«My attempt at a tulip wreath I found on Pinterest.»

«Pleasantly surprised! Tasted great too.»

«This photo made me want to go to Banff and recreate it, so I did.»

«Christmas appetizer I made a few years ago.»

«Ordered Thai food after having a bad day and was greeted with this.»

«Can’t complain for £2!»

«Mystery box came in. Was expecting a charger or something, but got pleasantly surprised!»

«Denny’s in Tokyo, Japan. It was great!»

«A redditor saw my post about insurance turning me down for a prosthetic finger. He messaged me saying he would try to make one. I got the prototype today. He asked nothing in return.»

«Actually looks Uncanny. Straight out of a new box.»

«I’ve never been disappointed by a menu photo in Thailand. If anything, I think the reality is even better.»

«I ordered groceries for pickup and the knot they tied on the bag of cucumbers is perfect.»

«Re-attempted the chicken cake. My skills have improved.»

«I ordered 12 nuggets and Chik-fil-A gave me 6 extra.»

«I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! It tasted pretty good too!»

«This is Lola. The picture on the left is the photo I saw at a rescue and the right is what I got. She’s perfect and I’m so thankful for her.»

When was the last time reality exceeded your expectations?

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