19 People Who Definitely Won’t See An Award for Their Work

We believe that if you want to do something, it’s better to do it as well as you can. But some people are happy with thinking, “That’s good enough,” and then we have to be content with the results of their work. We have found some things that can make your eyes twitch. We invite you to see the work of some “experts” and hope you’ll never have to ask them for help.

“Installed the stove, boss.”

“It’s done!”

Safety first

Why, just why?

“Wish me luck!”

“None of the windows are aligned on my house.”

“This can of ’black beans’ I opened at work...”

This is a support column, but has it ever stopped anyone?

“They’re laying tiles in our house. I love the lines...”

“Stitched the jean pocket, boss...”

“Found out what my concrete steps are actually made of...”

“My sister’s friend got her nails done by a ’professional’ nail artist.”

“Welp, ’My friend gives good tattoos and he’s only asking for tips,’ says my girlfriend.”

“This is the shower in my dorm (I’m only 5’7”)."

“Landlord hung the microwave, and this is as far as it opens before hitting the wall.”

“Honey, I fixed it!”

“I was dying when I went shopping last night and saw this.”

“Installed the water shutoff and trimmed it out, boss! From my parents’ new build”

“The elf that made this must have some issues.”

When was the last time the result of someone’s work made you angry or laugh uncontrollably? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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