19 Places for Rent That Will Either Make You Laugh or Cry in Despair

Nowadays, looking for a place to rent is some sort of quest. There are so many variables in play: location, price, and landlords. And sometimes, you can come across such astounding places that you don’t even know how to react to them. We were shocked when we were making this compilation of rented places.

“I was getting a tour of a potential home to buy but as soon as I saw this I left.”

“Finger crushing door handle in a place we’re renting”

An apartment for rent with an unusual bathroom

“The doorway design for the master bathroom in a ski condo we’re renting. The toilet has a separate space. That also doesn’t have a door.”

  • I once stayed in a “luxury” hotel where the shower was basically right next to the beds. There was a little flimsy curtain you could pull to separate the space a little, but you could still see through it. I think it was designed with “romance” in mind, but I just found it weird/irritating. © Magenta-Loki / Reddit

“Saw this monster of a bathtub at a property for rent”

Master bedroom completely open to a terrible bathroom

“This amazing faucet / medicine cabinet combination in the house we just rented”

“The toilet in the apartment my family rented for vacation”

“A friend of mine just shared a photo of his first rented apartment. What is it? Bathchen? Kitchroom?”

“My house (a rented one) has this. I’ve... fallen down the stairs”

Up for rent, interested?

“The laundry room where I rent. Three doors all open into each other”

“Rented a house for vacation. This is the landlord’s idea of wall decor.”

“This door in the house we are renting”

“This low ceiling fan is directly above the bunk bed ladder (at the lake house we rented). RIP my noggin.”

“Doors in my Airbnb are a tad short.”

“Jeff Goldblum shower curtain at my Airbnb”

“The bathroom in my Airbnb. I could potentially brush my teeth, shower, and go to the toilet at the same time.”

“Woke up in the morning after I felt like I had slept on a slab of wood. Turns out that was exactly what had happened”

What crazy things have you seen in apartments for rent?

Preview photo credit izzydoesizzy / Reddit
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