20 Times People Forgot All About Good Design and Made Us Feel Awkward

Good design isn’t only about something being aesthetically pleasing but also convenient. For example, making a city or your store accessible to the differently-abled shouldn’t be a chore but a necessity. You can’t just paint the stairs with the wheelchair icon, instead, you need to install a ramp. Things like this can make life more difficult to navigate through and hopefully, people will start thinking things through more. We never get enough of undeniably bad designs that make no sense, and here are 20 new ones.

1. “The neighborhood pool put up barriers between the urinals but made sure you’re able to see the guy next to you.”

2. “My high school for some reason...”

3. A very public toilet

4. “A contractor got angry and left the job when we asked him to use the spacers we bought for the backsplash.”

5. Trespassing fixed!

6. “A handrail over a door on the London Underground”

7. “An outlet that works as a drawer stop — genius.”

8. A very meticulous bicycle lane

9. “Not sure how to enter this bathroom.”

10. “Who was the wise one that designed this?”

11. “This random incomplete square in my band class”

12. “This restaurant bathroom with the toilet paper holder just out of reach”

13. “How the construction workers made the house my dad designed”

14. “Ah yes, the only plugs in my hotel room, fantastic...”

15. “Someone likes to do things the hard way.”

16. “The vent in my bathroom unrolls my toilet paper.”

17. “Most of the outlets in this room are near the ceiling. Just, why?”

18. “One of the drawers at my doctor’s office that always annoys me.”

19. “My girlfriend wouldn’t let me buy this bear. She said it would bring demons into our home...”

20. “Sink in the bathroom of a restaurant in Amsterdam. Seems it’s meant to look like that.”

Can you tell us what the worst and most inconvenient design you’ve ever seen is? Was it something the contractors in your house did or something you saw somewhere else?

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