Eva Mendes Showed a Tattoo on Her Wrist Which Probably Means That She’s Eva de Gosling Now

Even though Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are not officially married, they are a wonderful example of a strong family. But recently Eva shared a photo online that made everyone think that maybe this couple tied the knot without us knowing about it.

How their relationship started

Mendes and Gosling began dating in 2011. They met on the set of the drama The Place Beyond the Pines where they played a couple in love. And in 2012, the two attended the premiere of this movie together. The actors spoke of each other in a very touching manner. So, Gosling said, “I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with.” And Mendes was like, “I’m such a weirdo. I literally lose my ability to speak — and you were doing so well.”

Now they are raising 2 daughters: Esmeralda (8 year old) and Amada (6 year old). The actress revealed that she didn’t think of becoming a mother at 40 before she met Gosling. “I never wanted babies before until I fell in love with Ryan, and it kind of worked out to where I was 40 and having my first baby.” She rarely shares her family life online, trying to keep her happiness away from prying eyes.

Family idyll

Mendes and Gosling set an example of how partners can share their parenting responsibilities. Eva said, “Ryan’s the cook. He’s an incredible cook, I think that there’s a really nice balance to ’You cook, I clean.’ And it just works for us.”

Gosling often mentions that he likes stepping into the role of a father and a spouse. “On a personal level, I think about time more than I used to. I have 2 kids and they’re growing up fast. So I keep my eye on the clock more than I used to.” Ryan dedicated the award he won for his performance in the movie La La Land to Eva and their daughters.

The tattoo

In November 2022, Eva posted a photo on Instagram where she showed a tattoo on her wrist. Fans managed to distinguish the words “de gosling,” which could only mean that Eva married Gosling because Hispanic women often add their husband’s last name to her own along with “de” which means “of” in English.

When journalists asked Eva about this tattoo, she laughed it off by saying, “I do have a tattoo. No, it’s not a press-on. But I got it years ago. I posted a picture and I’ve gotten a lot of funny questions.” The actress also hinted that they got married long time ago. “I like to keep it all mysterious. I’m a very mysterious woman.”

The couple prefers to keep their personal life private and shares the events of their family life only on special occasions. “As far as Ryan, I’ll only post flashbacks of things that are already out there. My man and kids are private. That’s important to me so thanks for getting that.” Perhaps this is the secret of their family idyll.

Do you think it’s necessary to get married if you have a long-term relationship with kids?

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