Hilary Duff Thinks She’s a Bad Mother, Even Though She Devotes All Her Time to the Kids. She Spoke Out About Motherhood and Has Won Everyone Over

Hilary Duff showed herself not just as an actress but also as a woman who honestly speaks about what it’s like to be a mother and raise children. Some people said that she didn’t look as good as she used to, but she was able to respond to these comments. And even though her main goal in life is motherhood, she says that sometimes she feels that she’s a bad mother.

Hilary Duff has been a well-known actress for around 20 years. She became incredibly popular after she portrayed Lizzie McGuire. But her personal life hasn’t always been great. She first married in 2010. The marriage ended 4 years later. In 2019, she got married again in her backyard. But this simple wedding didn’t make the newlyweds less happy.

After she had kids, her focus shifted to motherhood. Her mission is to be the best mom and give her kids everything they might need. Hilary even wrote a book for kids titled “My Little Brave Girl” to read to her children.

Hilary has 3 children — a boy Luca, born in 2012, and 2 girls, Banks and Mae, born in 2018 and 2021. She became a mom at quite an early age, and she said that at that time, the other women of her age didn’t have kids, so she’d often feel isolated. But being a parent makes her feel like a superwoman.

She prefers to clean up the house and cook for her kids herself. Her husband is very supportive, and the kids want to be with her and eat her food. Even though it’s sometimes hard to raise 3 kids, Duff adores the way her days go.

Duff didn’t hide the changes that happened to her body due to the pregnancies. People commented on her appearance, but she didn’t allow it. She once posted a photo of her resting on the beach with her son. And she wrote that on behalf of mothers of any age, she says that she knows about the shortcomings of her body, but she doesn’t care because this body produced her children.

She said that everyone is different, and we shouldn’t feel bad about it. It is pointless to spend lots of time trying to achieve certain beauty standards. The actress got lots of support from her followers, and many people wrote that she was right and that she looked great, and they agreed with every single word she said.

“The breast is big, the belly is big, the body is big. Man... pregnancy is hard. Lovely to have a little life inside and to daydream of all the new adventures to come buuuut almost impossible to get my own shoes on... sick of getting up 9 times a night to pee and looking at this weird body in the mirror that is not my own at the moment. This was just a note to remind myself and remind others how strong and beautiful you are! WE GOT THIS!”
“There’s so much pressure to be able to nurse. For me, it was harder than growing a baby for nine-and-a-half months and delivering. It totally consumes your brain, and it’s the only thing you can think about all day long. I felt like I couldn’t sit down for a moment.”

Hilary tries to spend as much time as possible with her kids, but she still feels guilty sometimes. Once, she took her son to school and saw that all the other kids weren’t wearing uniforms. It turned out she forgot it was a free dress day and thought, “Oh my God, you failed.” She apologized to Luca for letting him down, she was embarrassed.

She later noticed that she often felt this way. When she forgot milk at home, or when she works and doesn’t spend time with her daughter. And Hilary decided it was time to speak out about this incredibly high bar for a “good mom.”

She spoke about how much she loved her kids and that being her mom is the best thing that could happen to her. But she doesn’t always like them. And it’s normal. Spending 24/7 with them, she tried to say “yes” to anything they said, even when she was very tired, “Sure, we can go on the bike ride. Okay, we can go on the trampoline. Yes, I’ll help you with those brake pads.” So, by the end of the day, she was so exhausted that she couldn’t help but get irritated.

Hilary wrote it was very important to explain to kids that moms get tired too, and sometimes, they need time to just lie down and watch a film. Parents need their own time. And such feelings are perfectly normal and don’t make a person a bad parent.

She decided to be open in many areas, and she raises her kids this way. Even when they ask difficult questions, she prefers to give them honest answers.

“It’s really wonderful. There are no words to describe it. I mean, to say ’It’s wonderful’ sounds minuscule. When you get to see your baby for the first time, and they put him on your chest, and you’re looking into each other’s eyes, this feeling just washes over you and there are really no words.”

Hilary often talks about motherhood and problems. And it’s obvious how unconditionally she loves her own children. She’s ready to do anything to make their lives amazing. And we get to watch the events in their lives and be happy for this talented woman.

How do you prefer to raise your children?

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