Richard Gere Found Marital Bliss at a Mature Age and Has Become a Father Again After 70

Richard Gere had his first child at the age of 50. The star recently turned 73 and is raising three children, the youngest of which was born two years ago. Gere is reluctant to reveal personal details, carefully shielding his family from unnecessary attention, and prefers a quiet family life away from prying eyes.

The actor got married again at 67.

The actor had long been acquainted with the family of Spanish businessman Ignacio Silva. In 2014, he was introduced to Silva’s daughter, Alejandra. The young woman, who was a publicist and a philanthropist, was over 30 years younger than Gere. But strong feelings arose between the two from the very first moment. Richard and Alejandra couldn’t seem to take their eyes off each other.

At first, everything wasn’t so simple. At the time, both Gere and Silva were going through divorce proceedings. The young woman believed that nothing good would come from their romance. But the actor’s mind was made up, and he persistently sought reciprocity. Alejandra later said that when lovers have to overcome difficulties at the beginning of their relationship, it usually brings them closer together.

In 2018, the couple tied the knot. Both Gere and Silva tried to keep their personal lives private and kept many things secret. The public didn’t even find out about the wedding until some time later. In 2019, their son Alexander was born, and Alejandra didn’t rush into revealing the news of her pregnancy, either.

Alexander was soon followed by a second boy, born in 2020. As of yet, the parents still haven’t revealed his name. Alejandra is very protective of her children’s privacy. If she does post pictures with them on her social media, their faces are always covered. Silva herself admits that she has never been interested in the world of show business and never dreamt of becoming an actress; perhaps, that’s the secret of her and Richard’s happy life together.

In addition to their own sons, Geer and Silva are also raising children from previous marriages.


For a long time, the actor didn’t even think about parenthood. He joked that it was too early for him to think about having children because he himself was still a big kid at heart. But meeting Carey Lowell changed everything.

Alejandra had a daughter, Hannah, from a previous marriage, so for the first time, Richard tried his hand at the role of a father, and he really liked it. A further addition to the family seemed to him the natural and right thing to do. In 2000, their son Homer James Jigme Gere was born. The first two names were given to the boy after Gere’s and Lowell’s fathers, while the third translates from Tibetan as “fearless.”

Fatherhood has shown the actor which things in life truly matter and which can be discarded as unnecessary nonsense. “The marginal stuff just doesn’t affect you anymore when you weigh it against the real things in your life,” he said. Gere became more responsible when choosing projects. When filming meant that he’d be away for an extended period of time, he always discussed the matter with his son. If Homer was against it, Richard ruthlessly declined the offer because, in the end, family is more important than anything else in the world.

Gere noted that he has always found it easy to get along with children, having grown up in a large family himself. It was his parents who helped Richard develop his own parenting methods, which he uses to raise his three children. The Geres couldn’t boast much wealth, but even if his father’s pockets were empty, he never forgot to hug and cheer up his family. And no matter how difficult it was, the parents always found the means to give their kids the best education and allow them to pursue what they loved.

Alejandra has a son from a previous marriage to entrepreneur Govind Friedland. Albert was born in 2012, and since his parents’ divorce, he alternates spending time with his father and mother. Silva’s marriage lasted only three years, but it was thanks to her ex-husband that she moved to Italy to work as a hotel manager, and because of this, she met Richard Gere.

While she enjoys family happiness, Alejandra doesn’t forget other people, either.

Alejandra Silva grew up in a successful family. Her father was a famous businessman and vice president of the Real Madrid football club. Alejandra didn’t want to take advantage of her parents’ wealth and decided to build her own career. She worked as a hotel manager, as well as working in marketing and sales for an airline.

Alejandra is also involved in charity work. In 2007, together with model Karolina Kurkova, she set up the Beautiful Life Foundation to promote children’s welfare. She then worked with the Real Madrid football club to set up the Africa Initiative, a project that created sports leagues to help underprivileged children integrate into society.

Moreover, she oversees Rais Fundación, an organization that cares for homeless people in Spain. To understand what it’s like for a person who has lost the roof over their head, Alejandra even spent a night on the streets herself. “I’m not scared of rolling up my sleeves and diving into work. If I do something, I put 100% effort in. If I can’t, I’d rather not do it,” said Silva.

Philanthropy and an active lifestyle became another link that brought Alejandra and Richard together. The couple often attends events together and tries to raise awareness of serious problems in society. Alejandra was charmed by the actor’s willingness to help other people and care for them. It’s his sensitivity that she feels is Gere’s most attractive trait.

Gere isn’t worried about his children’s future.

For a while, Gere was worried that he wouldn’t be able to see his younger children grow up. When you become a father again at the age of 70, such fears are hardly unfounded. That said, the actor believes he will be able to look after his sons and play an important part in their lives either way. And to his wife, he promised at least 20 happy years together. Alejandra herself notes that considering his activity and vigor, her husband can even give her a run for her money.

We sincerely believe that Richard and his children have many happy moments and discoveries ahead of them.

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