The Life of Eve Jobs, Apple Founder’s Daughter, Who Was Left Without an Inheritance but Didn’t Let That Stop Her From Making a Name for Herself

Steve Jobs’ daughter, Eve, used to appear infrequently in public, focusing more on her studies and hobbies. However, over the past couple of years, she has made some big decisions about her career and now we can follow her progress. The young woman is going all out on her own, as she won’t be getting a penny from her famous father’s inheritance.

Being a daughter of the famous entrepreneur Steve Jobs can be hard at times. And Eve, his youngest daughter, is the proof. Steve was always very busy, struggling to find time for his four children. But Eve was an exception. She was often in her father’s office as a child and would even doodle on the presentation boards. Though sometimes she had to go through the secretary to get a meeting with her busy father. However, Steve himself thought highly of her.

She has the strongest will of any kid I’ve ever met.

As a child, Eve was restricted in her access to social media and the internet so she would grow up without an addiction to gadgets. The girl’s main passion was horses. From the age of six, she would go to the stables, feed the horses, and soon became a regular rider. She got a lot of support in this hobby, with her parents even buying a ranch, so she could train and improve every day.

This paid off, as in 2019, Eve was ranked 5th on the list of the world’s top 1000 riders under 25. The girl even qualified for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo but had to put that dream on hold.

Being able to compete in the Olympics and World Equestrian Games would be a dream. I am a competitive person, so I definitely thrive on the competition aspect. I like to push myself to do better.

She learned early on how to manage her time, as she sometimes had to sacrifice school time for the racecourse and then catch up with her studies with the help of tutors. Over time, she learned to find a balance between classes, friends, and horses. Her secret was simple — getting her priorities straight.

This helped her when she went to university — Eve studied at Stanford. She chose to major in Science, Technology, and Society and was able to complete her studies. But now she has opted for a different career.

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In 2020, she proved herself as a model by taking part in an advertising campaign. Then it was on to Paris Fashion Week, signing a contract with DNA Models and a deal to become the face of Louis Vuitton. Eve has actively pursued a career in modeling, and we will be seeing her on the catwalks for years to come.

I really fell in love with this Louis Vuitton dress. It was intricate, feminine, fun — everything we were all envisioning. I was honoured to attend my first Met Gala, and I loved the notion that each guest of the brand would wear an archival or previously worn look. This dress is from their spring 2017 collection. It was amazing to showcase how Nicolas’ designs really stand the true test of time. It was fun to see how everyone at the Gala reinterpreted their looks.

There’s a reason why Eve is putting so much effort into achieving success. Her parents had agreed not to encourage the accumulation of capital in the family. Steve left his wealth to his wife, Laurene Powell, and she, in turn, declared that she would leave nothing to her children. She will be investing the money in charity, and if she lives long enough, all the savings will be gone.

But Eve doesn’t hold a grudge against her mother at all; she considers her to be her guiding star. She admires the fact that Laurene is eager to help people, and Eve herself wants to find a way to be useful. Her parents’ strict upbringing has helped her to set herself up on her own path to success.

It has taught me independence, dedication and perseverance, which I can apply to all realms of my life.

Steve Jobs said in his autobiography that his youngest daughter is amazing and could one day be the head of Apple. Well, for now, Eve is heading in a different direction, but she’s sure to prove herself. With that kind of tenacity, it couldn’t be any other way.

What do you think drives Eve on her road to success?

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