“When You Become a Mom, You Feel Like You Could Take on the World.” Rihanna Is Pregnant With a Second Child, and We’re Incredibly Happy for Her

Rihanna appeared at the Super Bowl LVII arena during the break to sing her hits. The singer wore tight overalls, and a little belly was seen underneath. So many spectators were slightly confused — she didn’t announce her pregnancy during the show.

The fans started to discuss what they had seen right away.

Rihanna’s fans started sharing theories about her possible pregnancy, but they could not come to a consensus. Some claimed that she was likely pregnant, while others insisted that the singer, who has repeatedly made body-positive statements, may have intentionally emphasized her figure after giving birth.

In fact, Rihanna became a mother for the first time not that long ago — in May 2022. This is why fans doubted whether she could have decided on another pregnancy after such a short break.

Some fans were also worried that the release of the singer’s next album would be postponed indefinitely due to her pregnancy. They have been waiting for it since 2016 when Rihanna released Anti, her eighth album in her career.

“Yo! Rihanna pregnant again?!”
“She had a baby less than a year ago. Let her body heal naturally.”
“Me realizing Rihanna is pregnant again, and we’re never getting another album.”

Rihanna’s mysterious promise added to the intrigue.


Not long before her show at the Super Bowl, the singer had hinted she was planning a surprise for the viewers. She said she would bring someone else on stage. Most people thought she meant another musician to perform alongside her.

But after her performance, many fans quickly guessed who this special guest was. Many of them got emotional and started congratulating the singer.

“Rihanna performed ‘Diamonds’ with a very special guest, baby number 2. Congratulations!”

The official statement came soon after.

Soon after the performance, Rihanna’s representative confirmed the singer and A$AP Rocky are expecting their second child.

The couple announced Rihanna’s first pregnancy only after her belly was clearly visible in January 2022. And at the end of spring, they had a son. But the fans only saw his face once — the singer posted a short video with a smiling baby in a car booster in December 2022.

The star explained why she decided to make the performance.

It turned out that the negotiations with Rihanna about participating in the Super Bowl had started long before the actual show. At the time, it was only 3 months after her labor. The singer wasn’t sure whether she’d be strong enough to perform at such a big show.

But eventually, she agreed. She later told the journalists that it was motherhood that gave her the necessary energy. Besides, she wanted her 9-month-old son to see the performance.

“When you become a mom, there’s something that just happens where you feel like you could take on the world — you can do anything. Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, so as scary as that was, there’s something exhilarating about the challenge of it all,” said the singer.

Pregnancy didn’t stop Rihanna from preparing several more surprises for the viewers.

During the show, the singer managed to promote her clothes and beauty products. There were special T-shirts for the Super Bowl that said, “Rihanna concert interrupted by a football game, weird but whatever.” Model Cara Delevingne wore such a T-shirt at the event.

And in the middle of one of the songs, Rihanna took out a mirror and started fixing her makeup, which was another reason for the photographers to grab their cameras.

The singer admitted she was really nervous before the performance because she hadn’t been on stage for a long time. She rehearsed so hard that she completely forgot about the upcoming Valentine’s Day and even her birthday.

Rihanna’s partner did everything in his power to support her. A$AP Rocky arrived with the singer, filmed her performance, and danced with her behind the scenes. And her son also inspired her.

Rihanna says that he is an “amazing and happy baby” and the best part about motherhood is seeing her baby’s morning face. “Seeing a baby with, like, little bags and waking up and they’re just, like, startled. They’re trying to figure out where they’re at. It’s the cutest, it’s my favorite part of the day.”

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