17 People That Accidentally Met a Real Celebrity

Some fans love their idols so much that they are ready to follow them around different cities hoping to see them, get an autograph, or take a picture with them. And some people meet actors, singers, and other celebrities by accident.

Today, CHEERY shares 17 photos from people who were lucky enough to meet a star.

“10 years waiting and I finally met Gaga. Yesterday in Toronto!”

“My dad’s on an European excursion right now and ran into Shooter McGavin.”

“My aunt met Patrick Swayze in 1988.”

“That time I ran into Rebecca Ferguson in New Orleans two weeks after Doctor Sleep opened.”

“Ran into Willem Dafoe at the airport in Gulfport, MS.”

“Just met a rap god! He was so kind and loved my pre fam items to sign.”

“Look who my friend met today.”

“My friend met Bryan Cranston.”

“So my friend met Adam Sandler in his Halloween costume.”

“My friend and I met Jonah Hill on set of Mid90s.”

“My friend has been mistaken for Ed Sheeran many times, coincidentally they met in South Africa.”

“So my mom met Chuck Norris and didn’t tell me until today.”

“My friend met Jim Carrey.”

“So my sister and her friend just met Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne at our local Rexall... Unfortunately they couldn’t get a picture with Chad.”

“Well I have met some interesting people in my time but this one has just made my night!”

Andras Arato — best known for becoming an Internet meme. Arato’s modelling for stock photography garnered attention in 2011, coming to be known in meme culture as “Hide the Pain Harold” due to his overall facial expression and seemingly fake smile.

“I met Ethan Hawke last night after a Broadway play and I’m over the moon! He’s just as genuine and kind as anyone would think.”

“I met Billie Eilish and it was amazing.”

Have you ever met a celebrity? Do you have a photo?

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