16 Employees That Worked With Millionaires and Shared Their Peculiar Behind-the-Scenes Stories of Rich Life

According to statistics, 79% of people think that they will be happier if they become rich. Science doesn’t have a definitive answer on this, so we decided to read the stories of real people. Online users have shared their experience of working with millionaires. This article proves that rich people have their own peculiarities, and it’s not really clear whether rich people are happy or not.

  • I used to work for a billionaire family as a tutor for their daughter. One day we’re in her room studying, and suddenly she yells""daddy’s home!" and runs to the window. She’d heard a helicopter and knew it was about to land on the lawn. © DiscombobulatedBabu / Reddit
  • I briefly worked with one of the top crown princes in the 80s. He would buy out the top three floors of the best hotels; two floors were for maids/help/security, the top floor was for the Royal family. Once it was only the prince and his three wives. © Elysian-Visions / Reddit
  • I am an art student working as a gardener in one of the wealthiest areas. I remember one time standing in a bathroom, with my dirty gardening clothes, and there was a Picasso above the toilet. © useroftheinternet999 / Reddit
  • My dad used to work for a private air field. One time in high school, I had to do a “job shadow” thing and went to work with my dad. My job was to stand outside with an umbrella. So I stood outside with the umbrella. The wife tipped me 20 dollars and said, “The sandwich trays are real silver, have at it kid.” Apparently, when some richer folks fly, they let the people who detail their planes have the platters and other serving items. © eggtasticness / Reddit
  • A friend from high school worked a few years as a deck hand on yachts in the Mediterranean, and he said he once jumped in to get a customer’s bag and got tipped €4000. © andysor / Reddit
  • A woman who owned a small private jet business told me one time someone paid them to fly their dog (by itself) to NY for about $45,000 for some training. No other passengers. © aticho / Reddit
  • My dad works in shipping. One of his mates got a call-up to bring the yacht of an Australian media tycoon billionaire from Sydney to New York, with instructions to be anchored in a particular bay at an exact time with a lunch spread for 50 people ready. As a result, the guy never showed up. Turns out he was having a rich dude party in a building overlooking the harbor and wanted to be able to point down and say, “That’s my boat”. © clovisson / Reddit
  • I used to work for a company that modified aircraft for really rich people. This company had made several aircraft for this one customer, who I was told had purchased a new one solely because his spiritual advisor had told him that one of his current planes was bad luck. He still let his wife use it for her personal travel. © Prune_the_hedges / Reddit
  • Client was a mega-millionaire in the 60s, so even richer when I met him. He’d ride the bus to the office to have free coffee. Every day. © sunlitglo / Reddit
  • I used to work for a Daddy’s money guy. I remember one year for his birthday he received like 30+ cakes, and he told us to leave them on the floor in the hallway outside his room. We walked by those cakes every day for two weeks waiting for instruction, after the two weeks we were told to throw them away. © circleinsidecircle / Reddit
  • I’m a driving instructor, and one group rented the track to drive their supercars for the day. At the end of the day, they all partnered up and got into the cars to leave. After they were gone, we realized that they had forgotten their Lamborghini Aventador at the track. © skell15 / Reddit
  • I remember a rich person asking me to petsit their cat. There were a lot of TVs, in almost every room. The weirdest was the bathroom. Sorry, cat bathroom. There was a TV playing cat cartoons, an overly fancy litter box and paintings of cats. © Kpop_TWD / Reddit
  • When I was in college, a roommate of mine was dog sitting for an extremely wealthy couple. On some days they paid him with a €500 bill because they had nothing else on hand at that moment. © thomerow / Reddit
  • My last boss was a very high millionaire, with assets in the mid-9 figures. Will that do? So the guy drove a Prius. Which he wrecked on a monthly basis. The Prius was red, and all the body panels were eventually just slightly different tones. He was generous and gracious to our families. He charmed everyone he met. When I got us our UL certification, he wrote a PLAY about me. And performed it. It was hilarious. © Michael Lipphardt / Quora
  • The one thing that stands out more than others is this doctor I worked for in Montgomery County. I once was walking around upstairs where the bedrooms were. This guy was laying in bed being fed by an assistant. Keep in mind, this was a man in his 50s, was in fine physical shape, and didn’t need a caregiver. It was just pure opulence. © macmac360 / Reddit
  • Craziest thing I’ve seen—brand new 90-meter multimillion pound (GBP) yacht was built in the Netherlands. Maiden voyage to Antibes in France. The owner came onboard and left after a few hours. Next week we get sent to Genoa, Italy, where all the bathrooms onboard were ripped out and upgraded. New marble colors and patterns arrived in the weeks following. © tobias269 / Reddit

Do you believe that money changes people? Have you ever met extremely rich people?

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