19 People Who Have Their Own Original Solution for Every Problem

Any problem, whether it’s a crack in some pavement or an overgrown path, has a simple solution. And people in today’s article chose an inventive approach to problem-solving. Their results cause mixed feelings, but mostly the admiration for their ingenious way of thinking.

At CHEERY, we liked the life hack about how to cut the grass and how to eat snacks without making a mess over a computer keyboard the most. And we think that we should adopt the last trick for the future.

“The way my wife eats Cheetos without messing up her mouse.”

“Sometimes some of our colleagues take a key from our work bathroom home. Today, we’ve got a keychain made from an aluminum tire.”

“Due to the high cost of wood, I decided to make a play house entirely out of free pallets and free roofing.”

“My apartment complex rented out 200 goats to eat away at the overgrown path and riverbed behind our buildings.”

“We didn’t have normal thingies to put the corn on, so my mom activated her mom DIY.”

Instead of fixing the cracked pavement, the hole was filled with a mosaic.

“My wife was in charge of getting our wedding rings engraved.”

“I found the perfect spot to hide these from my egg-hating, Reese’s-loving boyfriend.”

“A local bar started using pasta as straws instead of plastic.”

“I couldn’t find a big enough flash drive, so I’m installing windows from my drone.”

“I gave my wife LEGO flowers for her birthday.”

“It’s not my finest work, but I like it anyway! I was looking for a fun way to hang my extinguisher in my shop!”

“I have a big family, and this is my way to have my half because they hate olives.”

“I found this in my mailbox today. In my mind, it’s the best marketing trick. At least I didn’t have an urge to throw it away immediately.”

“My brother loves making impressive sandcastles. So I made him a sandcastle Notre Dame with brown sugar and white chocolate for the flying buttresses.”

A buttress is an architectural structure that’s there to support or reinforce the wall. — A note from Bright Side

“My roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware).”

“Paper Towel Dispenser”

“My dad is moving into a new condo and 3D printed the floorplan and scale models of his stuff”

“I sat next to an engineer on my flight home

Has your inventiveness ever helped you solve everyday problems? Share your stories with us.

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