19 Photos Proving That Even Ordering Food at Home May Have a Pleasant Result

Nowadays, 42% of food is bought online. People order groceries and food from restaurants. But because orders are completed by regular human beings, there might be surprises and it’s good when they are pleasant ones. So, the people from this article told about such situations.

We at CHEERY also order food at home and to work, but haven’t found any surprises yet. By the way, at the end of the article, we’ll show you something that is going to be completely ordinary very soon.

“My Uber eats order came with a little baggie of salt.”

“I ordered a slice of pepper Jack cheese with my chicken sandwich, and they gave me a lot more.”

“My aunt ordered 12 bananas, but the store workers thought this mean 12 bunches of bananas.”

“Ordered pizza yesterday, and it came with this instead of the ketchup packets.”

“Some food takeout place in China delivers food in clay pots.”

“I ordered 1 ranch. I was charged for one ranch. I received 10 ranches.”

“The takeout I ordered from today came in fully recyclable paper and wood packaging.”

“The pizza we ordered had exactly 3 pepperonis on every slice.”

“We ordered two chicken shawarma wraps for dinner and weighed them to see which was bigger: 389.1 g vs. 389.2 g.”

“Ordered rice online and the company included a stock of real rice in the box.”

«Asked for extra BBQ with the nuggets. Got 21!»

“I ordered some food, and after I ate it, the food got delivered again.”

“I ordered an $8 ’tub’ of pimento cheese from Bojangles. Apparently, their employee misunderstood the assignment and sent me a literal 5 lb tub.”

“Instant noodles I ordered online came with a fork in the box.”

“I ordered one large pizza and asked for maximum Parmesan and red pepper, I am satisfied.”

“My pizza was delivered in an inside-out box.”

“Chick-fil-A accidentally gave me a knife with my order today.”

“There was an individually packaged apple sample in my grocery order.”

“Ordered dinner and there was a huge salt crystal in my fries.”

Bonus. “A line of campus bots following me at my college.”

Have you ever had any pleasant surprises when you ordered food?

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