20+ Parents Showed Why Their Life Would Never Be the Same After Having Kids

When a baby appears in your life, everything changes. From that moment on, your life views change, it takes much more time to do ordinary things, your idea of rest becomes totally different, and you can forget that your house used to be clean once. On the other hand, new moms and dads learn how much love and patience they have in their hearts. Families with children experience many funny and not so funny moments, and it’s great they are ready to share them with the world.

“We left her alone for 5 minutes.”

“Someone learned a lesson about Velcro.”

“The brother of a friend turned in this ‘1-page essay’ thinking he had beaten the system. The teacher had fun with it.”

“I guess”

“Every night, our 2-year-old grabs every item in her room and brings it into bed with her. My wife and I are at a loss for words.”

“I made this for my 9-year-old. This little know-it-all then googled ‘Minecraft TNT cakes’ and explained to me my cake decorating faults.”

“My daughter is planning her first sleepover. I’m concerned about #2.”

“This is a painting our nieces did of my wife.”

“The most suspicious thing going on in my life is who took a bite out of the Christmas tree bread. The cat or the 4-year-old?”

“Appreciation post: My son packed me a rock for lunch.”

“My 5-year-old got a hold of a marker and disappeared into the bathroom, and then I found this after investigating.”

“She absolutely hates family photos.”

“I took my 7-year-old nephew to the Lego store where he could customize and print his own Lego figure out of 100 different patterns, colors, designs, etc.”

  • He took 2 minutes to write a ’B’ on the default option and said he is done. €12 for this.”

“A grief observed. He was so happy with his Mario pumpkin. Squirrels took 1 day to eat it.”

“My son just told me there was water running in the bathroom.”

“I let my 3-year-old niece ‘paint my face.’”

“A note my daughter left in my office. She is either channeling Santa Claus or a stalker.”

“I took my kid camping for the first time at a family reunion. Guess which one is mine!”

“My 4-year-old is clearly the master of hide and seek.”

“I vaguely remember having privacy before kids. Very vaguely”

“My son loves butter.”

Do you have similar funny stories of your kids?

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