20+ Times Children Left Adults Speechless With Their Thought Processes

Children are actively learning about the world and are constantly bombarding adults with questions about how it works. Sometimes, even experienced parents don’t know how to answer them. After all, it’s not easy to explain what the original color of a chameleon is, and why the kitchen sink works without batteries. And sometimes, the little ones come out with such phrases and speculations that it just makes you want to exclaim: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  • After finishing watching Aladdin, I ask my six-year-old cousin: “If you had a genie, what would be the three things you would ask for?”
    She says: “More wishes!”
    I tell her: “No. One genie can only grant you three wishes. Now tell me, what would you ask for?”
    And she says: “More genies.” © Armaan Agrawal / Quora
  • Davey: “I wish I were a dolphin.”
    My wife: “Why?”
    Davey: “Because I’ve never been one before!” © Levi Wilder / Quora
  • My nephew was 5 and looking at pictures of his mom from long before he was born. He asked “How come I’m not in these pictures?”
    Mom: “You weren’t born yet, sweetie.”
    He: “Was I in your tummy?”
    She: “No you hadn’t even been thought of yet.”
    He considered that for a while and then said: “What would you have done if you needed me?” © Peter / Quora
  • When my daughter was about 8 years old we somehow got to talking about what my job was. At that time I was an IT project manager and I thought I should explain what the different jobs in IT were. So I gave her a brief outline of what programmer, analysts, testers, team leaders, and project managers do.
    She was quiet for a few minutes and then she said, “Daddy, I am glad you are a Project Manager.” I felt an immediate sense of pride and replied, “That’s kind of you, sweetie.” She gave me a hug and said, “Yes Daddy, all those other jobs sound far too hard.” © Nick Bradley-Carter / Quora
  • My little nephew, all of five, is a bundle of energy and a big chatterbox. This happened when he was around three and was in playschool. As usual, he was busy blabbering away in class, entertaining his new friends with his stories. The teacher soon found out the source of the commotion, came up to him, and after reprimanding him lightly, told him: “Now, keep your finger on your lips,” to which he very innocently replied: “But then, how will I talk?” © Meghna Kar / Quora
  • I was teaching 9th class students about the “Diversity in Living Organisms” which talks about evolution, origin of species, adaptation of animals in nature.
    Me: A chameleon changes it color according to the necessity. For example, if it sits on a leaf, it changes to green. If it sits on tree bark, it would turn brown.
    Student: Teacher, what is the original color of a chameleon?
    Me: Ah... ummm. © Manjusha Appari / Quora
  • My friend in his childhood to aunt: “What is your age?” He used to ask this question sometimes if anybody comes to his home.
    She said: “30 years. By the way, why did you ask?”
    He replied: “Don’t you feel bored living these many years?” © Chandrika K / Quora
  • When my son was 4, he realized that most of his friends in day care were getting baby brothers and sisters. He then decides that he needs one, too, so he comes to me and says, “Mommy, I want a baby brother.”
    I say: “That’s not going to happen, little man. Going through childbirth once was more than enough for me.”
    He says: “Oh, you don’t have to have the baby. We’ll just get one at the store.”
    I laughed so hard I swerved the car. When I explained to him that they don’t actually sell babies at Babies R Us, he was deeply disappointed. © Crystal White / Quora
  • One day I went to watch a movie with my whole family in a movie theatre. Then, my younger sister was about 4 years old . It was an interesting movie, so we all were enjoying it, but my sister was looking very irritated after about one hour.
    Me: “What happened?”
    Her: “They have been showing us the same channel for the past hour. Why don’t they change it?”
    And I couldn’t stop laughing at her innocence. © Purva Pruthi / Quora
  • Friend’s 3-year-old son looking at the wiper of the car: “It looks like the car is saying ’Hi’ to us!” © Akshatha Hebbar / Quora
  • When my cousin was interviewing for her admission for junior high, the interviewer was the principal of the school. She asked my cousin questions like “What is the color of the sky?”, “Where does a fish live?” and so on. My cousin answered the questions correctly. When the principal said she was selected, my cousin told her mom she doesn’t want to study in this school. When asked why she said because the school was not good since the principal didn’t know such simple things! © Vama Shah / Quora
  • A friend of mine and her husband were in a discussion. Somewhere between the conversation, my friend just said: “But, where is the time for all these!” For this her 3-year-old daughter instantly replied and said: “Mom, time is in your hands.”
    The 3 year old was referring to her mother’s watch, but that innocent comment had a bigger meaning for my friend. Time management is in our own hands! © Sharanya Ramachandran / Quora
  • This happened to my dad while he was on a train journey. There was this kid in his compartment who had a spontaneous witty reply to almost anything asked. Suddenly the phone by his side rings. Giving no chance to anyone to react, he receives the call, puts it on loudspeaker and this is what happens:
    Caller (confused by the call picked up by a stranger): Where are you speaking from?
    Kid: My mouth. Where else does one speak from?
    And there was a wave of laughter throughout the compartment. © Ravi Prabha Shankar / Quora
  • There was a big storm above our house last week. I asked my son (two and a half) if he remembered the last storm we’d had. His response was “Yes, Daddy! A storm is when the sun gets stuck in a cloud and makes a lot of noise trying to get out.” © Tom Allen / Quora
  • Me to my mom: “Why does a dog pee with it’s one leg up?”
    My sister (4 years old then): “Because it doesn’t have water to wash it’s feet!”
    My mom burst out laughing. © Karthik Kuthpadi / Quora
  • My son was about 4 years old when we attended his preschool teacher’s wedding. About midway through the service, he shouted at the top of his lungs: “When is this going to be over?” Everyone, including the bride and groom had a good laugh. I wanted to crawl under the pew. © Michele DeFilippo / Quora
  • One day my sister left school after lunch complaining she had a headache. When I asked her, “Why do you have a headache?
    She replied: “I got a headache because I have a head.”
    She is 5 years old. © unknown author / Quora
  • Once I asked my 2-year-old nephew: “What is the color of an apple?”
    He replied: “Black.”
    That baffled me. It took time to realize that he was pointing toward the color of his dad’s iPhone. Technology has indeed taken over our lives. © Amit Jain / Quora
  • I was teaching living and non-living things to the 5-year-old girl who lives next door. I told her that plants and trees are also living beings like us. She adamantly refused to agree on this and when I asked her the reason why, she replied: “If plants are also living beings like us, then why don’t they get married or click selfies like we do?” © Indrakshi Saha / Quora
  • My husband was fixing a leak under our kitchen sink when our two year old wanted to “help.” He explained to her what he was trying to do, and they took off together to the hardware store for some new part. At the store, our daughter eagerly told the sales clerk about our problem: “The sink is broken,” she shrugged. “Needs new batteries.” © Courtney Wooten / Quora
  • My five-year-old child taught me something that I didn’t know at 34 years of age. I asked her after an assessment who came first in her class, she mentioned one of her friend’s name. My obvious reaction was why you didn’t come first, and here’s her answer: “Mom, it is not important who came first, I learnt so much, and he is my friend! I am very happy for him. We should be kind.” © Richa Vyas / Quora

What little gems have your children come out with? Share them in the comments.

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