18 Tattoos That Have Only One Advantage — They Can Make You Laugh

There are times when you see a new tattoo on your body and you instantly know you want to get rid of it. It seems you wasted your time and money. But in fact, before it goes, a bad tattoo can give the owner and everyone else who sees it a very good time. At the end of this article, we’ve included a bonus example demonstrating that even a bad tattoo idea can have a very charming result.

«Wednesday L. Jackson.»

«He’s going to need one big cover up.»

«She’s so excited her brother only charged her £30.»

«Supposed to be a memorial tattoo on an acquaintance of mine.»

«Like a kiss from a rose on the grey.»

“Keep smillirg guyse!”

«I thought it couldn’t get worse and then it healed...just look at the blow out.»

«Some dude from my high school fresh out the pin offering his tattoo services. Here’s one of his masterpieces.»

«I was thinking of getting something done by this apprentice but their linework and coloring is a huge hit or miss.»

«All from a professional at a shop near me. I can’t get over the chuck of black hair.»

«No words...»

«A memorial tattoo for her horse...»

«The moon consumes the sun.»

«Orange on the side of my knee. My friend did this for me in her living room when I was having a Bad Time. I’ve had it for about a year now and the green in my subcue tissue has not left.»

«Zebra gum guy.»

«Made my whole body crawl from cringe.»

«19 years of age, 30€... not a good combo. Wanted a man on the moon and got a troubled Michelin man on the moon. Gotta learn from your mistakes.»

«How’s this?»

Bonus: “Now that’s Love!”

Have you ever had a bad tattoo? What did it look like?

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