10 Destructive Complexes the Beauty Industry Keeps Imposing on Women

The beauty industry is trying to persuade women that anyone can look perfect if they get rid of the well-known flaws. Women are told that uneven skin, cellulite, and the “wrong” shape of hips are the things they need to get rid of immediately for their own good.

We at CHEERY decided to find out what women themselves think about the things that beauty industry calls “flaws”.

1. Thigh gap

Thigh gap has become a dream for teenage girls and adult women after 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The problem is, only a few women with a certain body type and bone structure have it. For most, it’s an impossible thing to achieve.

2. Dark armpits

Women are ashamed of dark spots and use a lot of bleaching products, especially in summer. But such skin doesn’t mean a woman neglect hygiene rules, it’s a normal situation for people with certain genes.

  • For the longest time I thought I was dirty or not cleaning well because everyone on TV would have these white spotless underarms. Took me a long time to be comfortable with myself. © scaresyourmama / Reddit

3. Cellulite

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In pursuit of perfect skin, women torture themselves with diets and try to get rid of cellulite. But even supermodels with perfect bodies have cellulite, so there’s no point worrying about it. It’s only natural for women’s bodies.

  • I know someone that has literally never weighed more than 110 lbs her whole life at 5ft 6in that has it on her butt and thighs. Dumbest thing ever! Doesn’t matter how skinny or fit you are, it’s genetics. © FlyOnTheWall221 / Reddit

4. Hair on arms

For some reasons, hair on women’s arms are considered unattractive. Women with long and dark hair are especially worried. But hair is normal for any human body, and companies still keep trying to persuade us that it’s not and earn millions on hair removal procedures.

  • I was super self-conscious as a teenage girl about my hairy arms. My 5-year-old cousin came up to me and asked if I was sure I was a girl because I have hairy arms and only boys have hairy arms. © SeekinSanctification / Reddit

5. Strawberry legs

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The beauty industry is telling us that perfect women’s legs should be smooth, shiny, and tanned. But not all ladies can achieve that. Some women have small dark spots on their legs that appear due to wrong shaving or genetics, and it’s perfectly normal.

  • I have had so many people commented about my strawberry legs and asking why I didn’t shave. I’ve always been so self-conscious about it because people always say something. I’ve tried lots of things to get rid of it, but they are just gonna strawberry. © EmbarrassedCows / Reddit

6. Gray hair

Sooner or later, everyone gets gray hair, it’s an inevitable part of aging. Many women want to look younger, so they dye their gray hair. But who says gray hair can’t look good? Look at Andie MacDowell!

  • Dying your hair because its gray. Literally everyone gets gray hair at some point, who cares? ©
    spasamsd / Reddit

7. Visible pores on the face

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Google “large pores” and you will see hundreds of beauty products that are supposed to “solve the problem”. The thing is, all people have pores. They help keep our skin functioning normally. So, there’s no point in trying to hide them under a layer of foundation.

8. Very pale skin

All skin colors are great, but the beauty industry keeps telling women that have very pale skin that they should have sunbaths.

  • I’m pale. Like a really cool, almost gray-looking pale. Especially when I was younger (15+ years ago) being pale was seen as a “bad” thing. I remember being told by family members and hairdressers to not dye my hair too dark because it would make my skin look even paler. I shouldn’t wear black either, because that would also make me look pale. I was encouraged to go out into the sun, use moisturizers with tanners in them, and take pills (vitamins or whatever they are) to help tan my skin slightly. © DontLookAtMePleaz / Reddit

9. Stretch marks

According to experts, stretch marks are a normal thing for the ever-changing female body. This is why they often appear during puberty, weight gain, and pregnancy.

  • Our bodies change after pregnancy! It’s literally so natural! I had a horrendous growth spurt growing up (to the point they thought I had juvenile arthritis). And I have stretch marks all over my hips and back of my legs. I’ve never been overweight, and yet my mom gets so embarrassed if I wear a bikini. © needhelpeveryday / Reddit

10. Hip dips

We’re all different. Some women have rounder hips, and others have small dips on the sides, between the waist and the top of the hip. It fully depends on the anatomy of your skeleton, and it can’t be changed with diets or exercises.

  • I really wish there was more representation of “hip dips” in media. They’re normal and beautiful and determined by your bone structure, there’s no need to try to change them. © EmeraldFaster / Reddit

What other insecurities do you feel the beauty industry imposes on women?

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