10 Simple Recommendations That May Help Reshape Your Breasts After Breastfeeding

Many women are concerned that their breasts will never look the same after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The size of breasts is determined by the amount of fat tissue. Milk production changes it. After breastfeeding, the breasts may become bigger, smaller, or even remain the same. No matter what the changes are, it’s only a question of aesthetics. It’s not a medical issue.

We at CHEERY decided to find out if it is possible to make the breasts look as they did before pregnancy, and how to do it.

Choose your bra wisely

If you made a mistake choosing a bra, it will do more harm than good. Pay attention to the strap going around the chest. To see if it’s appropriate, you remove the shoulder straps and check whether the bra falls off when you’re moving. If it doesn’t, this is a good choice.

And wearing a bra at night won’t bring back the previous shape of your breasts. If a bra helps you sleep more comfortably, pick light models without an underwire. Wearing bra all the time may make the muscles weaker and the breasts will change shape.

Physical activity may help

Different exercises can’t change the breasts’ shape radically because they mostly consist of fat tissue. But if you train the muscles of your chest, shoulders, and arms, the torso will look better anyway and breasts will be lifted a little bit.

You don’t have to go to the gym. Just do push-ups, planking, and arm-lifting exercises every day. Also, some yoga positions may also be useful, for example, cobra, or camel.

Moisturizing your skin every day plays an important role

Without additional moisture, the skin may lose its elasticity. This is why using products based on natural ingredients can slow down the deformation process. But don’t expect a lot from such procedures.

Good posture keeps the breasts in a great shape


Bad posture can change the breasts shape. If a person slouches, the breasts lose their natural support. And gravity makes the breasts saggy.

So, if your posture is good, all the muscles and tendons experience less pressure and do their job better. When you keep a straight back, and the shoulders are pushes back, the breasts are in the right position and the weight is distributed evenly.

Good food matters

There is no magic diet to alter the shape of your breasts. But adding foods rich in antioxidants may have a positive influence on the skin.

Fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins C and B help create supporting tissue. Drinking enough liquid also makes the skin more resilient.

Contrast shower makes the skin more elastic

Scientists can’t prove or refute the fact that taking a cold shower is good. But some researchers claim that showering in moderately cold water makes the skin stronger and shiny.

Unlike hot water, cold water doesn’t wash off the skin’s protective layer and doesn’t dry it. Switching between hot and cold water improves blood circulation. Such procedures can’t change the breast shape, but they will make the skin more elastic.

It’s better to have a constant weight instead of quickly loosing pounds

When a person is losing or gaining weight quickly, the skin stretches. At some point, it might lose its elasticity and become saggy. This is why it’s better to avoid really extreme weight loss methods.

Doing enough sports and eating good food help the body adjust to all the changes happening to it.

Support the baby during breastfeeding

The shape of the breasts change during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But you can minimize the stretch marks. One way to do that is positioning the baby correctly. You can place the baby on a pillow or hold it a bit higher.

It’s better not to lean forward, or the gravity will make the stretching process worse and make it harder to return to the shape before pregnancy.

It’s better to cut down on breastfeeding gradually

If there are no medical problems, it’s better not to stop breastfeeding at once. When a mother makes a decision that her child can eat other food, it’s better to make the transition gradually. It gives the breasts a chance to gain enough fat tissue and retain their shape.

Get professional help

With age, our bodies change, and so do the breasts. And sometimes, neither a good diet, nor exercising can help the breasts regain the shape they had. It’s only natural, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If the appearance really bothers someone, they can always have a surgery. Breast lift can change the shape radically. Before having a surgery, consult an experienced professional.

Are you ready to wait for positive change patiently, or would you prefer to solve the problem quickly?

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