19 Curious Things People Accidentally Found in Their Old Houses

The older a house is, the more secrets it keeps. And sooner or later, they are uncovered by new owners. Some people find a suitcase in the wall, others a secret room, and some lucky guys find original wallpaper in their 150-year-old house. Why not share these findings with the entire world?

We at CHEERY love looking at all sorts of ancient stuff, especially the interesting things people accidentally find in their old homes.

1. “We’re demolishing our old vacation home. After ripping down the outside walls we found out that our bathroom was inside this old Ford Transit. We had no idea.”

2. “Found a suitcase in a wall, this is the contents. They are all quite old. Someone identified them as being from the 1950’s.”

3. “This 117-year newspaper scrap that had been under the floor boards in my bathroom whilst refitting.”

4. “Was replacing my vanity and found this gem behind the wall.”

5. “I am the guy with the 1857 Stone house near Gettysburg PA. I went up in the attic, pulled up some boards, and found a hidden staircase that leads nowhere...”

6. “Found some treasures in the wall during renovation this afternoon (1856 house).”

7. «Found some beautiful tiles under vinyl plank flooring in the entryway of our 1746 Georgian home!»

8. “I recently moved into my little Queen Anne and am so thrilled I have a set of pocket doors. They were hidden behind drywall.”

“Now it’s how the house should be, with a parlor and dining room separated by these doors. They will need cleaning, paint, and work, but I’m so excited.”

9. “Found under attached wood shed (1920 home in New England).”

10. “While renovating my grandma’s house, I found the prosthetic leg of my great grandfather in the attic.”

11. “All colors that the trim in my 100-year-old house has been painted.”

12. “Bought a house 2 years ago, tore up some carpet and discovered this!”

13. “Beautiful drawing found behind a wall while renovating our bathroom.”

14. “Bird dropped an old pair of keys in my backyard.”

15. “Wallpaper found in my closet, Ontario, Canada.”

16. “My dad owns a 200-year-old house, just found an old Bible in the attic.”

17. “My parents’ contractor found some random steps when they dug up their back garden for house renovation.”

18. “There’s a dried flower in this 165-year-old Latin book I just found in our attic.”

19. “Bought my house 6 months ago and found this hidden safe when removing an old stove that was left here.”

“I should’ve added, I can’t get in. Don’t know how to crack the safe but it’s very solid. It was sealed up too so I’m really anxious to get in.”

Have you ever found things in your home that were hidden for many years?

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