13 Celebrities That Weren’t Afraid of Becoming Single Parents and Found Happiness

According to statistics, almost 25 % of children in the United States under the age of 18 live with 1 parent. Single moms and dads all around the world are not uncommon. But still, many people who decide to have a baby without a partner are often criticized.

We at CHEERY, think there’s no formula for a perfect family, and sometimes, one parent can provide enough love. And many celebrities prove it with their own examples.

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu, the star of Why Women Kill, became a mother in 2015. She had a son, Rockwell. She openly told the world that he was born via gestational carrier. The star is an active participant in the #HowWeFamily movement, claiming there’s no such thing as “the right family”.

She had to deal with people’s confusion when they found out she was going to be a single mom. Liu tells such people that she’s not single: her friends help her.

Andy Cohen

When he wasn’t able to find a person to have children with, TV star Andy Cohen decided to become a single dad. So, via gestational carrier, he had a son in 2019, and a daughter in April 2022. He said it was a difficult decision. He was already 50 years old, and his entire life revolved around work. But he couldn’t stop thinking of the idea of having a real family.

Andy is not worried that his children don’t have the love of a mother: they get enough female attention. Babysitters and Cohen’s female friends spend a lot of time with them.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar said that he has never truly loved anyone. He understood this only after he had children. The Indian producer had twins from a gestational carrier. He likes being a single dad. He has changed his daily routine and has become a more responsible person. And even though he’s still a hard worker, Johar managed to free up some time for his children.

Sandra Bullock

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After divorcing her husband, Sandra Bullock decided to raise her son, Louis. The actress liked the role of a mother so much that she adopted a girl several years later. She says that children help her feel not only happy but also very beautiful.

Tom Cruise

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At the beginning of the 90s, Tom Cruise, while still in marriage with Nicole Kidman, adopted a boy and a girl. The couple couldn’t have their own child. They got divorced in 2001, and the children remained with their father. They made this decision because Nicole was never able to build a good relationship with the kids.

And Cruise was good at it. His son and he have a lot of mutual interests. For example, Tom has taught him to pilot a helicopter. And his son has even done several movies but then chose a career as a DJ. Cruise’s daughter became a designer. She’s devoted one of her collections to both parents, naming it BKC for Bella, Kidman, Cruise. Tom’s adopted children have a great relationship with his daughter from Katie Holmes. They are often seen walking together.

Sofía Vergara

At the end of the 1980s, Vergara’s career started going uphill: she did a Pepsi commercial. Together with modeling, Sophia was also studying acting. But at the age of 18, she got married to the guy she loved in school. One year later, she had a son and two years later, she became a single mom.

According to the actress, all the difficulties she had to deal with as a single mother were worth it when someone compliments her on her son. On her Instagram page, you can see moving photos and videos of Vergara with her son, whom she calls “the best child in the world”.

Kristin Davis

The life of the actress that portrayed Charlotte in Sex and the City is very different from her character’s. 57-year-old Davis is a bachelorette, and she deliberately chose to be a single mother.

The actress says that raising children alone is not an easy task: she tries to dedicate enough time to them, and she also has to work and do things around the house. Davis recommends other single moms to remember this: it’s impossible to do everything, and there are no perfect mothers.


After divorcing stylist Tameka Foster, Usher became a single father of two. The musician fought for custody of his children in court. Not a long time ago, the singer posted a video on Tik ok where he showed how much his sons have grown. In 2019, Usher started dating music executive Jenn Goicoechea, and they had a son and a daughter. He proudly shows his big family on his Instagram page.

Minnie Driver

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The star of Good Will Hunting, Minnie Driver, published her memoir where she described the life of a single mom in detail. The actress told about how she introduced her son to her men and explained to him why he only has a mom. According to Driver, all women that raise kids without a partner have to deal with the same problems — how to find enough time for work and children.


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Eminem grew up without a father, and when it was time, he was very responsible in this role. The rap singer has a daughter from his marriage with Kim Scott. He devoted several songs to his daughter, whom he called “the point of his life”. Later, Eminem got custody of the daughter of his ex-wife’s sister. The niece used to spend a lot of time in his house, so when her mother died, she moved in with her famous uncle.

Eminem’s 3rd child is the daughter of his ex-wife from a different man. After divorcing the singer, Kim had a child with her boyfriend and then got back together with Eminem. He adopted the girl. After breaking up with Kim again, the singer continued to raise the girl.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow grew up in a large family, and her parents are still together. This is why it wasn’t easy for the singer to decide to become a single mom. But she still became a mother of 2 boys. The adopted sons changed her life: she had to keep away from the fuss to make sure they have a good childhood. Besides, Sheryl hides the children from the paparazzi, so that they can grow like ordinary kids.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx says that he really loves hearing his children calling him “Dad”. He has 2 daughters from his previous relationship. Foxx himself was raised by his grandparents since he was 7 months old. The actor says that they taught him the most important thing — not being afraid of following his dreams. This is why he’s doing everything in his power to help his daughters achieve their dreams. His older daughter Corrine has found herself in the world of cinema, and the youngest, Annalise, is into music.

Elizabeth Hurley

When Elizabeth Hurley had Damian, his father, businessman Steve Bing, decided not to take part in the boy’s life. The man actually denied being his father. So the actress had to take care of the boy. She remembers that it was tough to work and care for her son. But no matter how hard it was, Hurley tried to hide it from her son. Today, Damian is 20 years old, he appears on TV shows and works as a model. He has his mother’s last name.

What do you think about people that consciously choose to be single parents?

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