17 Hollywood Couples Who Still Look As Tender in Public As They Did at the Start of Their Relationships

Sparkling eyes, elevated heart rate, and shaking legs always accompany the feeling of being in love. The pleasant butterflies in our stomachs give us so many good emotions. But scientists have proven that these feelings are finite, and they don’t last for more than 2 years.

We at CHEERY used these examples of celebrity couples to prove that the feeling of being in love can live in people’s hearts even after long years of living together. And not just at home near a warm fireplace, but in front of everyone, on the red carpet.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban show their feelings both in 2007 and 2022

Kyra Sedgwick still puts her head on Kevin Bacon’s shoulder even after 30 years of marriage

Photo By Michael Ferguson / / Everett Collection / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer keep looking at each other affectionately 13 years after their first public appearance together

East News, Invision / Invision / East News

In 2022, Jay-Z still holds onto his wife Beyoncé just as he did at the beginning of their relationship

Hahn-Khayat-Nebinger / ABACA / East News, © beyonce / Instagram

The relationship between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is as full of honest emotions and feelings in 2022 as it was in their first year together

AP / East News, ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News

Jennifer Lopez’s eyes shine when she’s near Ben Affleck in 2022, just as they did at the beginning of the 2000s

Mary Evans / Allstar / Graham Whitby Boot / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman still touch each other tenderly decades after their engagement and first photos together

Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News

In 2022, Chris Hemsworth is still hugging his wife Elsa Pataky as he did during their first public appearances

KENNELL KRISTA / SIPA / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

For 15 years now, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been looking at each other affectionately and amazing fans with their excellent style

Laurent VU / SIPA / SIPA / East News

Even after 25 years of marriage, Sarah Jessica Parker still enjoys seeing her husband, Matthew Broderick

PHOTOlink / Everett Collection / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Jessica Alba and Warren Cash dazzle everyone with their smiles and energy, having been together for more than 15 years

ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, Invision/Invision / East News

After almost 30 years of marriage, Michelle Pfeiffer and David Kelly still appear in public, holding each other’s hands

ROBYN BECK / AFP / East News

Behati Prinsloо doesn’t hide her happiness, having been married to Adam Levine for 8 years

AXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

At the beginning of their relationship, Maggie Gyllenhaal carefully held then-boyfriend Peter Sarsgaard’s hand, but now she hugs him passionately

Courtesy Everett Collection / East News, PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP / East News

Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon keep smiling when they appear in public together

MACON VALERIE / SIPA / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem have been holding hands on the red carpet for more than 11 years

Jef Hernandez / Everett Collection / East News, Invision/Invision / East News

Helen Mirren’s eyes are full of love when she looks at Taylor Hackford, proving that love can exist even after 25 years of marriage

AF Archive / Graham Whitby Boot / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News, Kazuko Wakayama / KCS / East News

Which of these relationships seems perfect to you? Why?

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