18 Photos That Prove Family Members Are There to Play on Our Nerves

Those who have a family know for sure that our loved ones can do really weird things sometimes which can make us either laugh or cry. Nevertheless, we love our family members with all their quirks and antics.

At CHEERY, we would like to show you some photos from people who know firsthand that family life and peace of mind have nothing in common.

“My wife left the gloves to dry, I almost had a heart attack.”

“A letter to management from my 6-year-old son”

“My brother bought his first house this year and won’t shut up about it. I got him this cake for his birthday this year, since he won’t shut up about the house.”

“How my husband wrote the date when he opened this orange juice”

“I was making tea for my wife and I in the dark. I grabbed 2 tea bags that I thought were the same.”

“My husband left this in the bathroom for me to find. It’s the top of a tomato.”

“My very normal brother and his normal outfit he wears all the time”

“My son bought 4 cereals, same brand, different sizes, and he eats from all of them without finishing one first.”

“I stepped out of the kitchen for a moment, and my daughter tried to help season the potatoes.”

“My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to “get stuff for dinner.” This is what she came home with.’

“I offered my ice cream to my son, and he gave me this back. I’d honestly never even conceived of eating it that way.”

“My daughter said she was going to hang up her pajamas for pajama day at school. This is how she put the pants on the hanger.”

“This is where my wife keeps her teeth things.”

“I took a stupid photo, and it has become the default photo my family now sends each other instead of ‘okay.’”

“My girlfriend’s 10-year-old sister’s backpack was very heavy. We open it to find it packed with what she called ‘beautiful cube rocks’ which she picked because they were so unique.”

“My 2-year-old insisted that the puzzle was built like this.”

“My wife doesn’t like the way I eat chips.”

When you take the words of your significant other too literally

What quirks does your family have? Tell us in the comments below.

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