20+ Gems From Children Which Can Make Adults Laugh or Cry

Children tend to ask questions that can make your head buzz. Sometimes they can really catch you off guard. This is what happened to the heroes of our article. But keep in mind, some parents admit that they used to dumbfound adults with their questions too when they were children!

  • When my daughter was 5 or 6, she sat next to me and was thinking out loud. “Fairies aren’t real.” (long pause) “Parents have money.” (long pause) “Mom, are you the Tooth Fairy?” © Rose Wiegley / Quora
  • Once my 6-year-old son asked me, “Mom, can you tell me why a human baby takes so long to walk on its own, while the young ones of animals walk immediately after birth?” And then he himself gave a simple answer, “Because humans have 2 legs, so we have to learn balancing like riding a bicycle, but animals have 4 legs, hence they stand firmly within minutes after birth.” © Sowmya Muthusamy / Quora
  • I had a friend’s daughter over to our house to play one day, she was about 4 or 5. She had lived in apartments her whole life, and we had a fire going in our fireplace. She looked at me and said, “Why are you cooking wood?” © Leslie Jeffries / Quora
  • My son Davey: “I wish I were a dolphin.”
    My wife: “Why?”
    Davey: “Because I’ve never been one before.” © Levi Wilder / Quora
  • My friend in his childhood to aunt: “What is your age?” He used to ask this question sometimes if anybody came to his home. She said, “30 years. By the way, why did you ask?” He replied, “Don’t you feel bored living these many years?” © Chandrika K / Quora
  • “Mom, why are mushrooms called mushrooms when there are no rooms in it?” Poor me, I couldn’t explain it very well to my 6-year-old son. © Pragya Kashyap / Quora
  • My son aged 8 asked, “How are dolphins like tomatoes?” I didn’t know. I have asked many people this question. None have gotten it. His answer, “A dolphin is a mammal that lots of people think is a fish, and a tomato is a fruit that a lot of people think is a vegetable.” © Peter / Quora
  • My nephew was 5 and looking at pictures of his mom from long before he was born.
    He asked: “How come I’m not in these pictures?”
    Mom: “You weren’t born yet, sweetie”.
    He: “Was I in your tummy?”
    Mom: “No, you hadn’t even been thought of yet.”
    He considered that for a while and then said: “What would you have done if you needed me?” © Peter / Quora
  • My 3-year-old cousin was playing with me. I asked her a question, “What is the color of an apple?” And she replied, “Inside or outside?” © Pankaj Birat / Quora
  • Dad: “Don’t drink water in my mug. I have cold. You’ll get an infection.”
    Me in childhood: “Okay! Then you drink in my mug. I don’t have a cold. You’ll also become fine.” © A Whimsical Kid / Quora
  • My boy, Max (6 y.o.), asked me: “Dad, when you get old. Do you have to marry a girl?”
    Me: “Well... No.”
    Max: “Cool, because I want to get a motorcycle.” © Urban Björkman / Quora
  • A few years ago, my younger brother and me were just taking a walk near our home. He was just 4 years old back then. When we came across a park he asked me, “Dogs can’t read English. Can they?” I was amused by the question and simply said “No,” and asked him why he got that doubt. He showed me the signboard at the entrance of the park which read “No entry for dogs.” © Santosh AK / Quora
  • When she was 5, my good friend was taking an entrance interview for her primary school. She was asked a standard question, “What color is the sky?” The obvious expected answer is “blue,” but instead she said, “It depends on the time of day and the weather! When it’s daytime, the sky is blue. When it’s sunset, the sky is orange, yellow, or purple. When it’s stormy, the sky is gray.” © Anton Chua / Quora
  • My daughter knows that when a woman has an enlarged stomach, it means she has a baby inside of her. Once during a casual talk, she asked me if the woman knows whether it’s a boy or a girl. I said it’s normally not known. Her next question threw me in fits of laughter. “If we don’t want what came out, can we put it back in and wish again?” I just pictured the whole process and kept laughing. © Shefali Naidu / Quora
  • My 4-year-old son asks me: “When is my birthday?”
    I answer: “In the spring, after the snow melts.”
    He quickly responds: “No, when is my birthday?”
    I say: “May 15th”.
    He says: “Cool. It’s the same day as last year.”
    I burst out laughing! © Philippe Dame / Quora
  • When I was young, my Dad took me to the vegetable market and told me to stay near the bike. After some time, I started wandering alone in the market and got lost. I was crying loudly, and people were gathered around me. Then somehow, my Dad also reached that spot and took me with him. When I came back home, I narrated the incident to Mom, “Dad got lost in the market, and I found him”. © Prateek Jain / Quora
  • We live in India, and my kid is 6 years old. We recently bought him a world map and a globe. Combining his knowledge from both the map and the globe, he asked me, “Daddy, could we reach USA if we drill under our house long enough?” © Unknown author / Quora
  • As a kid I was always amazed to see an ATM machine, just type the amount, and thuuurrrrrr! After considering the same thought multiple times, one day I asked my father, “Why do you have to go to the office daily when you’re getting all the money from this machine itself?” © Simran Kapoor / Quora
  • When I was a child in the car with my parents driving past a cow field, I asked my parents, “Do brown cows make chocolate milk?” When they laughed, I got my answer. © Juliette Park / Quora
  • I met this amazing 6-year-old kid who is crazy about cars. I heard this conversation between him and his mother.
    Mom: “You need to study well to get a good job so that you can drive whatever luxury car you want.”
    Kid: “Not needed. I can always become a driver and drive whatever car I want.” © Divya Murugesan / Quora
  • When I was 5, I came up to my parents and told them, “Guess what, I know a really dirty word.” They didn’t want to ask, but they had to ask, “Bettina, what is it?” A terrible number of explicit things were clearly bouncing around their head.
    And I said, “Pollution!” © Bettina Enriquez / Quora
  • My 7-year-old had answers for what B.C. and A.D. mean: “Before Computers” and “After Dinosaurs.” © Dave Hagler / Quora
  • A valuable lesson learnt from a 5-year-old.
    Little girl: “Why do we call the man who picks up the garbage bag from our home everyday a garbage man?”
    Mother: “Because he collects garbage!”
    Little girl: “How come he is a garbage man? He collects garbage and keeps the environment clean. He should be called a cleanliness man, and it is we who spread more garbage, so we should be called garbage men.” © Arjunraj Natarajan / Quora

Do your kids ever say anything funny? Or did you ever say something to make your parents laugh when you were a child? Share your stories in the comments below.

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