20+ Photos in Which Moms Will Recognize Their Everyday Life

Anyone who is around children knows that when they are very quiet, it’s almost always a sign that they are up to something. And every mother knows that dealing with little ones is a daily adventure. And here, we found some pictures that show what we have to deal with as moms every single minute of our lives.

1. “Part-time human, full-time baby buffet”

2. “My wife texts me and says, ’I’m going to lay on the couch and maybe get a quick nap.’”

“I came in to see my kids treating her like a bean bag chair.”

3. “She drew on her passport.”

4. “They’re supposed to be asleep...”

5. “The wonders of having a 2-year-old”

6. “Nutella stick snacks and not watching him for 3 minutes — Lesson learned, lol.”

7. “Working from home DOES save you money on daycare. However, you tend to lose some productivity.”

“He did this for about an hour this morning.”

8. “Well, we have a broken arm. Probably the first of many, knowing her.”

9. “He found the formula.”

10. “It’s not as fun for me as I thought it would be.”

11. “Flying Spirit, kid drew on the seat back and window. And this is an all-new interior.”

12. “Turned my back for a second and these 2 were pretending to be Mom.”

13. “These boys are buckets of fun! At almost 11 months, it’s definitely getting easier.”

14. “Sometimes, I consider having another baby, but then I remember this.”

15. “Left the room for 10 minutes, which was enough time to scatter roughly 5 lb of dog and cat food all over our dining area.”

16. “Came home to find the kiddo was inspired by the hungry caterpillar.”

17. “Proud of my son for passing his first nursery module.”

18. “The face that tells you that trying to touch the bottom was a mistake”

19. “Rearranging take and bake pizza to make a kid-friendly section.”

20. “Nooooooo!”

21. “I tried turning on the TV, and it wouldn’t turn on. I opened the remote, and I found this.”

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