20+ Times Dads Showed How They Love Their Kids to the Moon and Back

A father’s love can make miracles. It can help a kid succeed in the hardest competition or just to get their first strike while bowling. Difficulties get easier, and sometimes a little hug from your superhero dad is enough to make your day better.

1. “My little girl was born at 27 weeks and is doing great, just little and early. I will cherish this picture forever.”

2. “My husband with our 1-week-old daughter — made my eyes water.”

3. “My son took a break at the playground on Father’s Day to give his dad a smooch.”

4. “My daughter needed help painting her nails and chose me instead of her mother.”

5. “First show, first medal! Proud is an understatement.”

6. “I know it’s not a real climbing wall, but it’s a way for me to bond with my adopted daughter.”

7. “My traditional Father’s Day pic — that one-arm hold keeps getting harder.”

8. “Seeing all these young kids makes me happy. This is me and my only one, he just graduated high school. Super proud of him.”

9. “This is the only way to eat cake.”

10. “Me on my fifth birthday and me with my son on his fifth birthday.”

11. “I got a king-size bed for more space and this is what happens.”

12. “I saw my daughter trying to lift up her Rover. Asked what she was doing and said she wanted to fix it.”

13. “Both my boys — I’m so thankful they’re growing up together.”

14. “Welcomed my second daughter 2 weeks ago. Thankfully she has no jealousy issues with her older sister.”

15. “I was told my chances of having kids were very slim. 7 years later, my son was born.”

16. “14 years later...”

17. “Words can’t explain how happy she makes me!”

18. “Happy birthday to my favorite snuggle buddy, no matter how big he may get.”

19. “Rosie helped me pick out some new shoes. She liked the blue suede.”

20. “These comics are made by my wife and they made me cry. As a dad getting approval from mommy feels so great!”

21. “Bowling besties celebrating the first strike!”

22. “Today marks my last day working out of town in the oilfields. I’ve carried my daughter’s sock every day to remind me why I was sacrificing time away from her.”

23. “Rx for ‘Daddy, the floor is cold!’ before teeth brushing. Side effects may include smiles, giggles, and happy eyes.”

What’s the sweetest memory you have of your father? Do you already have your own kids? Please share your pictures with us!

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