A Transgender Father Gave Birth by Himself, Breastfeeds His Son, and Absolutely Adores Him

In 2021, Tanius Posey went to the doctors because he wasn’t feeling well. The cause was identified quickly — he was 3 months pregnant. For the 31-year-old transgender man, the positive test result was very unexpected news. But he still decided to carry the pregnancy to term, and he doesn’t regret it.

On January 3, 2022, Zanius was born. Now, when you look at the photos and videos posted by his transgender father, you see that he is an ordinary child that learns to make the first steps and bathes in the attention of the people around him.

Tanius decided to tell about his pregnancy and delivery experience to other people. His TikTok channel now has over 980,000 subscribers with more than 10 million likes.

Tanius is often called the “seahorse dad” because male seahorses carry and give birth to their children. But he is proud of his nickname, and he says that he uses all the resources of his body to raise a healthy child.

The transgender father says that since he still has the ability to breastfeed, he will continue to do that. Besides, Zanius refused to drink from the bottle. Tanius replied to haters, “My child has to eat. I can’t sit there and starve him.”

When Tanius learned about his pregnancy, he was in the epicenter of his transition. So, he had to stop taking testosterone. It wasn’t easy, the lack of hormones seriously affected his well-being.

In an interview, the young father said that he was scared of breastfeeding his child at first, because he didn’t know how other people would react. But later, caring for his child became more important.

At first, Tanius sought help among breastfeeding consultants. But none of them could give qualified help to the transgender father. So he started researching on his own and quickly learned all the necessary things by himself.

Tanius expected to receive some pushback from others who didn’t understand his experience, and some people did voice doubts based on their own preconceptions. He was told that men didn’t have the right to carry children, and that since he had started transitioning, he wasn’t supposed to stop halfway because of the pregnancy.

But none of these comments broke Tanius. He admitted that he was quite upset, but later, he realized that he just needs to continue sharing his experience. Perhaps, the video diary Tanius has on TikTok, and his calm reaction to criticism, can help another transgender father if he finds himself in a similar situation and decides to carry the pregnancy to term.

Posey says that society should be aware of trans men that give birth to children and breastfeed them, and there’s nothing inappropriate about them. Their babies are loved, desired, and they get all the care and support.

Besides, giving birth and breastfeeding doesn’t make trans men “not men.” They keep their gender identity, no matter what people think of them.

Now, Tanius continues to share his parenting experience on TikTok, has a YouTube channel and posts interviews and podcasts about living and giving birth as a transgender person.

“Feel comfortable and know that you’re not alone. Not everyone is ok with our lifestyle, and that’s ok. We are not here to please anyone but ourselves”, Tanius writes in his channel.

Do you care about what other people say, or do you just keep going forward, no matter what anyone thinks?

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