Chrissy Teigen Can Be Considered a Supermom, as She Decided to Skip the Grammys and Cuddle Up With Her Newborn Daughter Instead

Chrissy Teigen recently became a mom for the third time. And although they say it gets easier each time, the model isn’t even thinking about relaxing. After all, she even gave up attending the Grammy Awards to spend time with her newborn daughter. After years of struggling with infertility, the star has clearly put family at the top of her priority list.

Chrissy Teigen struggled with infertility for years, but she and her partner really wanted to have kids, so in 2016, baby girl Luna was born. The star had her with the help of IVF, having chosen the baby’s gender in advance, for which she received a lot of criticism. But this couldn’t spoil the new parents’ mood. Two years later, their son Miles was born, also with the help of IVF.

In 2020, Chrissy and her husband, John, were expecting their third child, who they were going to name Jack. But halfway through the term, the model became very unwell. Upon examining her, the doctors decided on an emergency abortion to save the mother’s life. Teigen was devastated by this loss. But she continued to feel Jack’s invisible presence in her life.

“The journey changed me in ways nothing else ever could and while it was the absolute most painful thing I have endured, I have emerged stronger and hungrier than ever. Hungry for my family, hungry for my friends, hungry for love, hungry for work.”

Just over a year after losing Jack, Chrissy decided to have IVF treatments again. She realized quite early that she was pregnant, just nine days after the procedure. The star told the news to Luna and Miles straight away so that the children would have time to get used to the idea. During the pregnancy, the parents were worried about how the children would react to the new family member, as it was evident that they were a little jealous.

But when baby girl Esti was born in January 2023, all these problems went away. Luna and Miles immediately loved their sister; they wanted to give her attention all the time. The parents also tried to make sure that the children lived together in harmony. John described his eldest daughter as very intelligent and mature, so childhood jealousies became a thing of the past.

“They want to hold her, they want to kiss her and it’s really exciting. You want to give them enough attention and time and let them know that this new baby isn’t going to take all of our love away from them. But what we found is that it just added more love to the house.”

In February 2023, Chrissy Teigen was supposed to be one of the guests at the Grammy Awards. She had been getting ready for the event, going to dress fittings, but she backed out at the last minute. Instead, the star decided to go home and be with her baby girl Esti.

“Happy Grammy day!! Had a dress fitting, looked around, and realized ....What the hell am I trying to prove here? I cannot get up.”

Chrissy shared a photo from last year’s Grammy Awards and said that now she is happy to spend this time with her daughter instead. Nonetheless, she fully supports John, who received three Grammy nominations this year. Teigen compared herself now to how she was a year ago and noted that, of course, her body has changed and looks different, but children are worth it.

ROBYN BECK / AFP / East News, © chrissyteigen / Instagram

The happy family now has three children, but Chrissy and John love the little ones so much that they seem ready to think about having a fourth in the future. The model even mentioned that she wants to have as many children as possible, so John would have to be the one to decide how many are enough. The couple has been together for many years, and they’re great at overcoming all challenges.

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