Katherine Schwarzenegger Decided to Raise Her Daughters Exactly Like Her Parents and She Even Uses Her Old Baby Things

Sometimes it seems that the parenting methods of our parents are as different from modern ones as night and day. However, in reality, love and loyalty to family are timeless concepts. For example, Katherine Schwarzenegger decided to raise her daughters with Chris Pratt exactly like her own parents did. She even takes out her old childhood books and toys. And Katherine knows what she’s doing. After all, this kind of upbringing brought her own family together so tightly that she still talks to her sister almost every day.

Katherine always had her own loving family as an example. So when she met her soulmate, their relationship developed quickly, became serious, and then led to marriage. And just one year after their wedding, in 2020, Katherine and her actor husband Chris Pratt became parents for the first time. Then, in 2022, they had their second child.

Katherine with her father, Arnold Schwarzenegger (left).

Katherine says that motherhood made her truly happy. It’s something she’d been waiting for her entire life. She wants to do as her parents did. They showed her what true family closeness is.

«People reflect on their childhood and want to change certain things. I literally, I just want to do exactly what my parents did, because I’m so close with my family and I talk to them all multiple times every day.»

Katherine with her sister, Christina.

Katherine’s daughters have the same age difference as she and her sister Christina. And so, recreating her own happy childhood turned out to be surprisingly easy. Katherine simply takes the same books, the same toys (all of which her mother, Maria Shriver, has kept), and just repeats the familiar and correct picture from her childhood.

Instilling in their daughters the sense that family is important and that support can always be found within it became a priority for the couple in their parenting. But at the same time, Katherine knows from her own experience that it’s important not to forget that each girl is an individual with her own desires and interests. After all, that’s exactly how she was raised.

“It’s about allowing kids to be celebrated for their own interests while allowing kids to also understand that the bond they have with a sibling that close in age means they have a built-in playmate and, later in life, a built-in best friend.”

Katherine really knows everything about closeness between brothers and sisters. She calls up her sister almost every day, and they text each other 10 times a day. This is why she does everything in her power to build such a connection between her daughters. She’s very careful about what and how she says to them in their conversations.

Katherine makes every effort to ensure that there is no hint of jealousy or competition between her daughters. Even when she was pregnant with her second child, she made sure to tell her eldest daughter how valuable and loved she is, and that she will never be second best after her little sister is born.

Catherine considers sisterly relationships so important that she dedicated her children’s book to them. She shared that one day she was immersed in warm memories of her childhood, and many of them were related to her interactions with her sister. Catherine wanted to pay tribute to her loved one.

No matter how happy Katherine’s motherhood was, there were moments of real trials of strength. On social media, she faced a huge number of negative comments from people who regularly pointed out what they felt she was doing wrong as a parent.

Katherine admits that some of the comments still hurt her, but her own mother’s advice helped her: “Try and have empathy.” She applies this to all the people around her, even the haters.

Katherine is also a stepmother to her husband’s 10-year-old son and she absolutely adores him. She also hopes that their family will grow even more. And seeing how happy they all look, we have no doubt that it will.

«I’m from a big family so I love the idea of having a big family ourselves. My two girls have each other and they also have their brother — both my husband and I would love to keep going.»
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