Lily Collins Considers Her Husband, Who Helped Her Overcome Her Complexes and Learn to Love Herself, to Be Her Best Friend

It’s not easy to meet the person who can become your true soulmate. That’s why people love finding out about someone who’s been lucky enough to do so, so they can feel happy for them. One such example is actress Lily Collins; she met Charles at work and from that moment knew that he was the one.

Lily Collins met director Charles McDowell on the set of Gilded Rage in 2019. As the actress later said, from the moment she laid eyes on him, she had the feeling that he was going to be an important person to her. Immediately, they developed a strong working relationship and soon started a romance. In July, rumors surfaced about their relationship, and a month later the couple officially confirmed everything.

“It was one of those situations where I knew the second I met him that I wanted to be his wife one day. So, it was just a matter of when, really.”

Her friends would occasionally have a good-natured laugh at Lily, wondering among themselves how she could be so sure of her and Charles’ future from the start. But the actress would simply say that she just knew he was special. At the time, she was in France, filming for the TV series Emily in Paris. And while other couples might have found it difficult to be working on different continents, for these two it was no obstacle. Charles would fly out to visit her and they always had a wonderful time together.

Lily talked about how romantic it was to walk around the city of love together, visiting museums, getting lost in the narrow streets, riding a scooter. The couple often travelled together. Charles is an experienced surfer and thanks to him, Lily decided to try it out too. She found it helped her a lot. She used to have trouble with self-acceptance, but surfing has helped her realize that you don’t have to have everything under control.

In 2020, Lily and Charles went on a trip. While the two of them were enjoying the beautiful and romantic setting, he got down on one knee and proposed to her. Even though Lily knew from the moment she met him that it would come to this sooner or later, she was still shocked. Of course, she said yes. After all, she felt he was her best friend and that together they could handle anything.

Previously, Lily refused to wear rings on her left-hand ring finger. She denies being superstitious, but even in photo shoots she wouldn’t allow for any rings to be put on that finger. But when Charles put the ring on her finger, she immediately felt that the moment was perfect and it was the right ring for her, because the right person had given it to her.

In 2021, Charles was filming Windfall, starring Lily Collins. During the day, they worked together on set and in the evening, they would go home and plan their wedding, signing invitations and dealing with other matters in preparation for the celebration.

The actress said it was truly a mix of two worlds, but in a good way. Working together only brought them closer together as well. Lily was worried that it might be difficult, but in reality, they’re both so professional that everything went quite smoothly, even if it wasn’t easy for Charles to watch some of the scenes in the film.

“The only time it was a little distracting when Jesse Plemons, who’s a very good friend of mine, is picking her up and kissing her. I’m like, ’Wait a minute. There’s something off about this. My good friend is kissing my then-fiancée.’”

The couple got married in September 2021. Lily was indescribably happy and called her husband the greatest gift she could have ever received. And Charles, too, was generous with his romantic confessions, as to him Lily is a real hero, with whom even the gloomiest of days shine brighter.

They spent their honeymoon in Scandinavia. They both said it was the best way their married life could have started, and there was no other person they felt as comfortable with. Lily said that she liked being a wife. And even if it made her feel older, the first year of marriage only brought them closer together.

“365 days with you flew by so fast, thank goodness we have a lifetime together. Happy first anniversary my one. I adore you Charlie McDowell. And I love you with the deepest parts of my soul.”

The couple don’t have children yet, but they do have a dog. They called him Redford, and as Lily herself said, when they saw him, it was love at first sight. On social media, the actress often posts photos with her beloved husband, and Redford often makes an appearance, too. Charles continues to be supportive of his wife and even wrote her a touching message ahead of the filming of the third season of Emily in Paris.

Their relationship is only getting stronger and you can see it even in the way the couple’s eyes sparkle in their photos together. So all that’s left for us fans to do is be happy for the actress and wish her eternal happiness.

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