Luis Guzmán Has Loved the Same Woman for 38 Years and, Like Gomez Addams, He Doesn’t Want to Spend a Moment Away From Angelita

Puerto Rican Luis Guzmán didn’t plan to become an actor. It was only a hobby until his friend invited him to the audition for Miami Vice. His role in this show made Luis popular and resulted in a long-lasting career with very interesting characters. But recently, he’s become even more famous thanks to playing Gomez Addams in Wednesday.

Luis has been married to Angelita for almost 4 decades

Unlike her famous husband, who enjoys being in the spotlight, his wife Angelita Galarza-Guzmán lives a simple life. They have a very strong marriage — they got married back in 1985, and have been together for 38 years now.

They had an immense loss

Even though Luis and Angelita look very happy, unfortunately, they had a moment in their lives when they had to deal with a huge challenge. Their first children wasn’t able to see the world. At the very last moment, Angelita’s pregnancy resulted in the loss of the baby. This situation left a deep wound in their hearts, so they decided not to try to have a baby naturally. Instead, they adopted 4 children, giving a family to those who really needed one.

Now, the couple has a big family

Luis and Angelita adopted their first child in 1991 and named him Cemi. He decided to be like his father, and he also works in the movie industry as a producer. Later, they had a girl, Clare. After her, they went on to adopt a boy, Yoruba and a girl, Margarita. Some time later, Angelita got pregnant and had Luna.

They are also raising a girl, Yemaya, but due to the couple’s secrecy and their attempts to keep their private lives away from the public attention, we don’t know if she’s adopted or their biological daughter.

They live in seclusion in a ranch in Vermont

Even though Luis grew up in New York, he found happiness in a quiet life in the north of the country, in Vermont. The family has a ranch there, and the actor enjoys working there.

«I live in Vermont, on a farm. I do lamb, I do chickens, and I’ve got a bunch of horses. You want to know what you’re eating nowadays. You want to know where it comes from, so I took on raising my own stuff and gardening, yeah. I ride horses. I’m the Puerto Rican land baron of Vermont. I got like 700 acres of land.»

Family means a lot to Luis. He values his family’s support, especially when people criticize him. The actor was very disappointed when people criticized him for not looking like Gomez Addams. But still, he tries to focus on the fans that actually like his work. It’s easier to deal with difficulties when you have your family’s love. This is probably why Luis Guzmán, like Gomez Addams, has been loyal to his family for almost 4 decades.

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