10 Physical Features Women Should Worry About No More Than Rainy Weather

Very few people manage to avoid self-doubt about their physical appearance. Sometimes these feelings come up as a result of someone’s tactless remarks, and in other cases, they’re involuntarily formed when we compare ourselves to other people. One way or another, this can eventually lead to women gradually feeling less confident about almost every inch of their body without reflecting on why or how those feelings came to be. We decided to name and discuss a few features of women’s appearances that no woman in the world should worry about for one more second.

10. “Venus rings”

This is the name of the small lines on the neck that disturb many women. Some try to correct them cosmetically or even surgically, but these lines occur for many reasons, including simple genetic predisposition. So if this feature does not cause you excessive discomfort, or it is not caused by other factors, then there is no particular need to deal with “rings.”

9. Leg hair above the knee

The popularity of depilation services, quite naturally, led to the fact that, over time, women began to get rid of not only visible body hair but almost all hair, which was why procedures like wax depilation of the whole body became so popular.

However, the hair above the knees and on the arms, not to mention the rest of the body, is often quite soft, thin, and inconspicuous. So is it worth removing? Moreover, after having been depilated or continually shaved, it becomes darker and thicker due to the fact that the thin tip is cut off and the wide part of the hair grows back.

8. Dark circles and bags under the eyes

Of course, dark circles and bags under the eyes can be more pronounced in some people than in others. However, in general, this is a fairly common reaction the body has to certain conditions.

In some cases, they appear with age, as the muscles that support the eyelids weaken. In others, it is the body’s natural response to a person’s habits and lifestyle. Therefore, instead of trying to cover them up with makeup, it’s better to focus on healthy sleep, proper nutrition, and peace of mind. This way, the bags and dark circles will go away on their own.

7. Protruding (buck) teeth

In childhood, teeth problems can become especially acute, mainly due to school hooligans who are happy to announce the peculiarity of someone’s smile. The same thing happened in Sex Education, a TV series starring Aimee Lou Wood. One school hooligan called her Bugs Bunny, and this, of course, led to the emergence of self-doubt, which the girl successfully overcame.

Not everyone around you can boast of a perfect smile. Many people have certain flaws due to genetics, an incorrect bite, etc. But many celebrities have proven that embracing self-acceptance is much more important for success than a desperate struggle with subtle imperfections.

6. A round chin

The range of beauty services is constantly changing and growing. Every year, we’re introduced to an array of new services, thanks to which new trends appear. For example, more and more women are using thread lifts to make their cheekbones and jawline more pronounced.

But is it really worth losing your individuality in favor of fashion trends — especially when you take into account the fact that no lifting technique can give you permanent results? Therefore, before making this decision, you need to be prepared for many repetitive procedures.

5. Long second toes

You may have noticed that in most Ancient Greek and Roman paintings and sculptures, a depicted foot has a second toe that is longer than the big one. This condition was first diagnosed by orthopedic surgeon Dudley Joy Morton, so it’s known as Morton’s toe in medicine, and a Greek foot in general.

Taking into account the fact that the Greeks were obsessed with the idea of perfect balance and the golden ratio in their works of art, which is equal to harmony, balance, and aesthetic perfection, it can be called the beauty ideal. So you should treat it as such!

4. Oily skin

Many people think of their oily skin as a flaw, without considering the many benefits it provides. For example, sebum helps the skin avoid wrinkles for longer, moisturizes it well, and has antibacterial properties. In general, you may not like your oily skin for its look and clogged pores, but these problems can be solved quite simply.

Dermatologists have long come up with a simple formula that helps balance and control your oily skin. These are some basic rules: wash your face thoroughly with a mild foaming product, use a moisturizer, don’t touch your face, and don’t use oil or alcohol-based cleansers and skincare products.

3. Stretch marks

The main reason why stretch marks appear is a quick weight gain or loss. During these periods, the skin (due to a lack of collagen or genetics) can’t respond to changes properly and stretch. Modern trends in the unrealistic perception of female beauty have led young girls to feel embarrassed about these small white stripes on their bodies, let alone more serious types of stria, thinking of them as something ugly and shameful.

It’s worth remembering that stretch marks are completely normal and common. Instead of fighting them, accept them, as do celebrities, despite the fact that they are always in the spotlight.

2. Thin lips

Many women think of their thin lips as a disadvantage and a reason for a visit to their local beautician. However, this procedure is not that popular among international celebrities.

For instance, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many other famous beauties don’t seem willing to follow this fashion trend. And, in our opinion, they’re doing the right thing, because such lips look refined and aristocratic.

1. Bumps on arms and legs

This condition that gives you bumps on the arms and legs has a medical name, keratosis pilaris, and is somewhat similar to “strawberry legs,” but without color.

It’s a common, harmless skin condition that doesn’t cause discomfort, requires no treatment, and is generally considered normal. These bumps resemble goose flesh and are nothing to feel shy about.

Each of us has had some self-doubt about our appearance but managed to overcome it. If you’re one of these people, tell us how you managed to accept yourself.

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