12 Stars Who Suddenly Returned To The Big Screens And Shone Brighter Than Ever

It’s not easy to get to the peak of fame and it also requires a lot of effort to stay at this peak. Actors and actresses are good examples of this. Once they leave the world of cinematography for a couple of years, the public starts to forget their names. Luckily, some of these celebrities have managed to come back and start shining brighter than ever.

Lindsay Lohan

The star of romcoms from the 2000s, Lindsay Lohan, has been mainly appearing in TV series recently. She also starred in a horror movie that wasn’t that successful among the public. Now the actress has decided to go back to the genre that made her famous. In 2021, Netflix has announced the Christmas in Wonderland project starring Lindsay and we are eagerly waiting to see this Christmas comedy.

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner got extremely popular thanks to The Twilight Saga franchise where he played the werewolf guy named Jacob. However, since then we haven’t heard much from the actor because he wasn’t there on the big screen for a long time. Luckily, his break is over now. In 2022, we are going to see the Netflix flick called Home Team starring Lautner.

Paris Hilton

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In the 2000s, the name Paris Hilton was everywhere. After the socialite appeared in The Simple Life reality show, the whole world started to watch her. Today, it seems like her glamourous style and fame are things of the past. But Paris surprised her fans. In 2021, she was filmed in a new ta-da...culinary show. It’s called Cooking with Paris.

Tobey Maguire

We haven’t seen the actor on the big screen since 2014. But he managed to surprise us by appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021. Also, very soon we are going to see the Babylon flick starring Tobey Maguire and Brad Pitt. We can confidentially say that Tobey’s long vacation is over now.

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty became famous thanks to Beverly Hills, 90210, and Charmed. Recently the actress hasn’t been a frequent guest in bright movie projects because she had been fighting a serious disease. The fight continues today too but Shannen decided to get back to the big screen. In Dec 2021, the movie Fortress, where she starred together with Bruce Willis, was released.

Courteney Cox

We haven’t seen Courteney Cox in feature movies since 2016. However, soon we will finally get the opportunity (again). All because the re-launch of the horror movie Scream, starring Cox, is waiting for us in 2022. Courteney plays the same character as in the original flick — Riley Gale.

Jack Gleeson

When the plotline for the character named Joffrey, in Game of Thrones, was over, the actor stopped his work for about 6 years. But apparently, he’s decided to conquer the hearts of the audience again. In 2021, the movie Rebecca’s Boyfriend starring Jack was released in Ireland. We also hope to see him in some big Hollywood projects too.

Nina Dobrev

The star of the series The Vampire Diaries decided to remind the public about herself by playing the main role in the Netflix romantic comedy, Love Hard. The film is imbued with a Christmas atmosphere, and there is every reason to believe that the movie will have a firm place among those films that we love to watch so much during the winter holidays.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t disappear from the big screen after the end of Sex and the City, which became an important stage in her career growth. But her following work could hardly be compared with the image of Carrie Bradshaw. In 2021, Parker made the whole world talk about her again by playing the same character in And Just Like That... In 2022, we are going to see the movie Hocus Pocus 2 where SJP will play a witch.

Megan Fox

It might seem like people have already forgotten about the star of Transformers and Jennifer´s Body by the 2020s but Megan decided to put herself out there again. In 2021, fans started discussing the actress’s extravagant outfits she was posing in for photographers. In 2022, we will have a chance to exchange our opinions about the Big Gold Brick. Megan is starring in it together with Oscar Isaac.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst hasn’t appeared in feature films for about 4 years. It can be assumed that the actress decided to devote more time to her family because in 2017 she got married. Luckily, in 2021, Kirsten made a comeback to the big screen. She played in The Power of the Dog with Benedict Cumberbatch as her on-screen partner.

Eddie Murphy

It’s hard to overstate just how meteoric Eddie Murphy’s rise to prominence was in the 1980s, with the stand-up comic and Saturday Night Live veteran becoming one of the biggest movie stars of the decade within the space of just a few years. 48 Hrs., Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop and Coming to America had all been released and found major success by the time he was 27, which is mind-blowing when you think about it. Unfortunately, then something went wrong and the actor’s projects ceased to be successful. However, the actor is now back, both on Saturday Night Live and on screens.

Bonus: This cult band reunites after 40 years.

In November 2021, the legendary ABBA band reunited and released a new studio album called Voyage. It has been 40 years since the band released their last record.

Whose comeback makes you especially happy?

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