14 People Whose Partners Came Up with Antics so Weird, It’s Hard to Get Your Head Around Them

Everyone has an entertaining story to tell about their significant other. But some people’s antics are so memorable that their loved ones can’t help but post these hilarious moments online. And we don’t slack in picking them up quickly and bringing you the highlights.

  • My uncle didn’t call his now-wife for over a year after they first met and he got her number. He kept the paper she wrote it on and ended up finding it and calling her asking if she still remembered him and was still interested in going on a date. © GlennCloseButNo***** / Reddit
  • On our first dinner date, my husband ordered a ton of food to show me his favorites at an Indian restaurant. And forgot his wallet at home, and only discovered doing so when the check had arrived. Cleared me out well over a hundred bucks and he was absolutely mortified, but we’ve been married for near two years. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My future wife came over 2 weeks into us dating with a Batman costume for my cat. She put my cat in the costume and then chased the cat around the apartment singing: “Da-nuh-nuh-nuh Batcat!”. © BasicAlgebrah / Reddit
  • My husband kept calling me by the name of his previous girl friend on our first date. I finally told him to give her a call because they clearly had unfinished business to talk about. He did and she reminded him why he was happy to have her out of his life. And he never called me by her name again. 40 years later and it seems to have worked out in my favor. © designgoddess / Reddit
  • Wife before her office party: “Please do not make up something weird about yourself and double down on it.”
    Me: “Why would I do that?”
    Later my wife sees me talking to her boss and she walks over.
    Me: “I swear. I’ve never seen a dog before!” © coolmathgame_ / Twitter
  • My girlfriend just added uncooked pasta to cold water and then turned on the stove. When I said that she should boil the water before adding pasta she said, “Literally all men are the same”. © drive45music / Twitter
  • Told my husband: “Don’t forget the two things we talked about”, knowing full well we only talked about one thing, just to see him sweat. © MumOfTw0 / Twitter
  • My wife gave birth to our second child in the front seat of our car. She screamed, “I can see his head, don’t you come out yet just wait.” I looked over a few seconds later after getting off the exit to the hospital. To my wife holding our child, smirking. She was looking into his eyes and said, “Just like your father, not listening.” © HeyitsIcky / Reddit
  • My grandpa told my grandma he was Italian. They got married while she was pregnant and she had not met his family yet. When they did go to meet his parents, they were talking in Ojibwe (a native American language) and she looked at him and said “That’s not Italian. What are they speaking?” and that’s how my grandma found out she was married to an Indian not an Italian. © mashkawizii / Reddit
  • My wife is a fraternal triplet. One day I asked her when her brother’s birthday was. 6 years later, she’s still not convinced that I hadn’t just forgot her birthday and was trying to slyly figure it out. Nope, I’m just dumb. © DyslexicsOnFire / Reddit
  • I was pregnant and asked my husband to get me some cocoa butter for my stretch marks. An hour later he calls me and says, “I’ve looked in the candy section and the dairy section. I cannot find the cocoa butter!” He sounded frustrated and tired, but I just did this ugly laugh cry thing. I explained to him, between SOBS of laughter, that it was a lotion. I was laughing because it was so funny, and crying because my stomach was itching like crazy and I needed relief. © spacetrashflying / Reddit
  • I told my husband that I was pregnant again and he said, “Have you seen my black gloves?” No expression really given, just “Have you seen my black gloves?” © zipadee30 / Reddit
  • I like to scare my wife and do it a lot. Sometimes I turn the light off so she can only see my stalking shadow in the dark. She admitted that she is sometimes afraid of me and thinks maybe I am a strange person. I am not but I still answer “maybe.” After seven years of relationship, she married me, so I guess she had enough time to consider. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My ex-boyfriend thought all women got their period on the 15th of the month. He was 26 at the time. © Sabrinafon / Twitter

What crazy things has your other half managed to entertain you with?

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