14 Pieces of Celeb Jewelry That Weren’t Just Shiny Bling, but Turned Out to Have a Deeper Meaning

Jewelry is a great way to tell your story and accentuate your personality. Celebrities know this as well as anyone. And sometimes, with their favorite rings, bracelets and earrings, which they wear on the red carpet, celebs like to send a message to the world or emphasize something important to them without saying a word. At the end of the article, we’ve prepared for you the story of Jennifer Aniston’s turquoise necklace and its possible connection to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s broken marriage.

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner wowed everyone at the opening of designer Thierry Mugler’s exhibition. In a tight black dress with a corset and a breath-taking crown, she looked like a real warrior. The outfit was clearly a tribute to the designer, who has recently been calling his work “glamazon” — glamorous amazons.

Christina Aguilera

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The singer’s engagement ring is striking not only for its size and intricacy, but also for its symbolism. As it turns out, her fiancé, Matt Rutler, designed the ring himself. He took two of her favourite rings and combined them into one. In this way, the actor showed that their lives were merging into one.

Bella Hadid

On one of her walks, Bella was spotted wearing a unique pearl necklace with a large B-shaped pendant. As it turns out, it has a secret meaning. A similar jewel was once worn by Anne Boleyn, who is also pictured with it in a portrait. Over time, Anne has become regarded as something of a feminist icon.


Rihanna often complements her extravagant outfits with equally striking jewelry. Before the birth of her child, she wore an adorable bracelet on her wrist, which it turns out has great sentimental value. It features 10 pendants, each in a specific order and with a special, important meaning to her and her boyfriend and baby daddy, A$AP Rocky. For example, there’s a clover for good luck and a tulip as a symbol of new life.

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Rihanna is known to be a big fan of the Chopard brand, while the co-president Caroline Scheufele also admires the singer. Their mutual affection led to them working together in 2017 on a jewelry collection of nine pieces of art. One of the art pieces was a pair of earrings, which the singer wore to the 59th annual Grammy Awards. Since the inspiration for the piece came from Rihanna’s homeland of Barbados, and more specifically its nature and carnival atmosphere, these are not just earrings but a tribute to the artist’s roots.

Katy Perry

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In 2019, the singer posted a photo with a ring and the caption “full bloom.” The flower-shaped ring is an obvious reference to her husband Orlando Bloom’s surname.

Stacey Solomon

The Loose Women star often wears a chain with three round pendants — silver, gold, and rose gold. Each one is engraved with the names of her three sons. “I love wearing the boys’ names around my neck. I grab it a lot I think because it’s like a comfort to me,” she explained.

Halle Berry

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In 2013, an engagement ring from her fiancé Olivier Martinez sparkled on Halle Berry’s finger. Not only was a unique emerald found to make it, but it also contains certain symbols that mean a lot to the couple. But they can only be seen by the person wearing it.

Holly Willoughby

Holly likes to accentuate her personality with necklaces and rings. For example, she once wore a quartz pendant over the chain with her children’s names on it. The pendant has an additional secret meaning, as quartz is considered to be the mother’s stone.

Lady Gaga

There was a secret hidden in the singer’s engagement ring. The heart-shaped diamond ring was already stunning, but it also contained a message. On the back there were the couple’s initials: T and S, Taylor and Stefani — Lady Gaga’s real name.

Greta Gerwig

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Greta Gerwig was also able to convey a message through her accessories. She wore an original necklace to the Golden Globes that proved to be more than just an elegant accessory. The actress and director wore a vintage Tiffany necklace, whose design was inspired by a bird’s wing. It was thus a clear reference to Lady Bird, Greta’s film for which she had been nominated that year.

America Ferrera

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On the red carpet in 2020, the actress appeared in a gorgeous burgundy floor-length dress and a gold headband. With this accessory she honored her ancestors, the Lenca tribe, who are indigenous to Honduras, her homeland.

Jennifer Lopez

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While holidaying on a yacht, the singer wore a massive necklace with many chains and pendants. It was a birthday present from her husband Ben Affleck, who wanted to give his beloved something special. Each of the pendants is directly related to the couple. For example, the key symbolizes eternal love, and the scarab protects the wearer from negativity.

Jennifer Aniston

At a particular press conference, the actress appeared with several pieces of jewelry around her neck, one of which definitely stood out. It depicted her dog Dolly, who had died recently. Jennifer had rescued her from a shelter and lived with her for 14 years. She honored her beloved dog with this necklace containing the pooch’s portrait.

Bonus story: Jennifer Aniston’s turquoise necklace

In 2016, news broke out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage had ended. Immediately afterwards, Jennifer was spotted wearing a laconic black outfit, the highlight of which was a turquoise necklace with the evil eye symbol. It is believed to protect against malevolent glares and ward off evil spirits. Although there is no confirmation of this, many believed it was a subtle message from the actress to her ex-husband.

Do you put special meanings into your jewelry, or do you just wear what you like the look of?

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