14 Stars That Once Lost All Their Wealth and Almost Went Broke

No one is immune to financial problems... Not even celebrities. The rich and famous can also lose everything in one day and go broke. Some spent money without thinking, while others were let down by unscrupulous employees. Fortunately, almost all of them managed to get out of debt and get back on their feet.

Pamela Anderson

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Pamela purchased a house for $1.8 million, but the renovation cost $8 million. When trying to pay the workers, Anderson went broke. Over time, the situation only got worse. It turned out that she had a debt of $493,000. So, she had to sell her property and move to a trailer park in Malibu.

In 2018, the temporary place of living was auctioned off for $1.75 million. Today Anderson is in the spotlight again. Netflix released a documentary about her life. It turned out that she only made $4,000 a year when she was in the legendary Baywatch. It’s a ridiculous number for one of the most recognized faces of the series.

Lena Headey

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The star of Game of Thrones had to deal with financial problems after a tough divorce. Lena says she didn’t even have $5 in her account. To make ends meet, she requested a tax refund of $46,000. Later, the situation got better, with her earning $1,2 million per episode.

Mike Tyson


Legendary boxer Mike Tyson earned at least $300 million during his sports career but managed to spend it all and even go into debt. The athlete paid alimony to his ex-wives and numerous children and lived extravagantly. It is known that Mike kept tigers as pets and spent money on jewelry and property, all of which led to his bankruptcy. Fortunately, the star was able to turn things around. Today, his net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Kim Basinger

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Kim went bankrupt because she bought an entire town. The actress purchased 1,700 acres in the state of Georgia. She wanted to turn this town into a tourist attraction with a movie studio and annual film festivals. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and the star lost the town and went broke. But Kim continued her movie career, paid off her debts, and her net worth is $20 million at the moment.

Michael Jackson

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The King of Pop passed away suddenly, 18 days before the start of his big tour. The concerts were supposed to help pay off the artist’s debts, which amounted to about $500 million. The sale of his estate covered the debt, and the remaining funds went to Michael’s heirs and charitable organizations.

50 Cent

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Bad business investments led the famous rap singer to bankruptcy. His net worth shrunk by $200 million after several lawsuits, bad career luck, and poor investments. So, he went bankrupt with debts of $32.5 million.

The star managed to get his wealth back thanks to the Vitamin Water shares. This brand was purchased by Coca-Cola. The conditions of the deal made 50 Cent the face of the company. This decision brought him more money than any of his albums.

Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan started a movie career when she was a child and earned $28 million with her movies. When her life went south, she started getting paid less for her movies. For the role in The Canyons, the actress got just $6,000. In 2012, she had a debt of $223,000. Fortunately, now, Lindsay is doing much better financially.

MC Hammer

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The rap singer, who was popular in the early 90s, lost almost all of his wealth and went bankrupt. The musician spent money on real estate and paid for the work of 200 people. “Some people ask me sometimes, would I go back and change things?” he says. “They are flabbergasted by my answer. My real, true answer is I wouldn’t change one thing.”

Stephen Baldwin

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Actor Stephen Baldwin took a break from his job. His income dropped significantly, but the expenses remained the same. He couldn’t pay off his $1.2 million mortgage and a $700,000 credit card debt. He went bankrupt and later paid off his debts. Now, his net worth is $1 million.

Miles Teller

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Before his success in Hollywood, Miles Teller took out a $100,000 student loan. The actor was earning his bachelor’s degree in the arts at New York University and was working as a waiter to make ends meet. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t taken out that loan? Perhaps Miles wouldn’t have become a famous actor since it was at the university where he studied method acting.

Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage was incredibly popular, but then something went wrong. He quickly lost his wealth and had a debt of $6.3 million. The star says he had a lot of problems in his life. His mother was suffering from mental issues, and Cage spent $20,000 a month on treatment to prevent her from getting into a psychiatric hospital.

Brendan Fraser

Before the return to the world of cinema with Whale, the actor had a lot of problems. He suffered from health issues, so he couldn’t appear in blockbusters anymore and spent more money than he earned. He even had to request to lower his alimony.

Natasha Lyonne

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Today, Natasha is a Netflix superstar with great earnings, and she’s famous worldwide, but it hasn’t always been like this. After the release of American Pie, Lyonne wasted all of her wealth. She had to go to rehab and was later able to return to normal life. She managed to make her way back to the world of cinema and have her boldest ideas come true.

Charlie Sheen

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Due to his debts, Charlie Sheen requested to lower his alimony. The star of Two and a Half Men can’t pay off his debts or even his pool or garden bills. He has problems finding a normal job, so he can’t provide for his four children the way he used to.

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