15+ Parents That Cranked Their Sense of Humor All the Way Up

Raising a child is not an easy job. But when you are a parent, the number of happy days outweighs all the problems. This is especially true when you deal with these challenges using humor, like the people in this article.

The CHEERY team think that humor is super helpful, so take a look at these parents that can smile in almost any situation.

“Rate my baby jail.”

“Caught my wife in bed with another man. At least he’s cute.”

“My wife found our son a walker to match my truck.”

“My coworker: “You’re drinking an energy drink before you go home?!”
Me: “You obviously don’t live with a two-year-old.”

“Thanks. I’ll let her know.”

“Here’s a thing I invented today.”

“Me: *tells terrible Dad joke*. My daughter: ”

“Son’s first dental visit and he looks ready to drop a mix tape.”

“2 weeks old and he’s definitely earned the title of Snugglesaurus.”

“The late-night cutter strikes again.”

“Our newborn baby at 3AM after having already been fed 4 times in a row: ”

“I’ve been photoshopping my kid into marginally dangerous situations, nothing unbelievable, but enough to make people think ’Wait... Did he really?’ ”

“I never would have expected watching our son poop be such a parenting highlight.”

“My son is already stealing girls.”

«Did I get the new uniform right?»

“Don’t be jealous, fellas, but my 3-year-old made me car soup today. 10/10 would order again.”

“Wife tried to shame me on the internet, but all I feel is proud of my invention”

“Never thought I would find a use for the fake practice hand I had from cosmetology school, until the day my infant son got sick and refused to sleep unless he was holding my finger.”

Which of these photos did you find the most amusing?

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